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Welcome to the Minney Family History Study

My name is Barrie Minney and I have been researching the history of the name Minney for many years. Due to work pressures I have not carried out much research or sent out newsletters for some time. However, I do intend to restart one day soon! In the meantime I have started collecting internet references to the names Minney and Minnell. These can be found at Minney News. This will be updated regularly.

Use the Google search box below to scan this website and newsletters.

On the Menu, I have listed information that I hope will be of use and interest to you. Please contact me if you have any comments, would like any research done on the database, or wish to send me any information. Please don't assume I must already have everything on the Minney name - I haven't, so anything you have may be of great importance to me, or anyone else researching their Minney line.

You can email me at to let me know what you think of the site, suggestions to improve it, your family line details, or just say hello. I can also add you to the Contacts Wanted.

I have added the facility of a free mailing list to send out newsletters or interesting articles;

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If you are visiting for the first time then I suggest you look at the A Brief History of the Minney Name page.

If you are wondering, then I can tell you that I live in Sussex, UK but hail from Bedfordshire. My own line comes from Great Barford.


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