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The Female Relative Name Index



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The full Minney Database is not available for searching on-line. The reason for this is due to it's size. However, I have now added the following list of Female Relative Names which, if succesful in your search, indicate that there is at least one record in the Minney database with further information available. The most common listing of a female relative name is wife, followed by mother but also includes widow, head of household etc. So if your search on an ancestor is fruitless, try this index if you know the name of the female relative

There are two ways to search these index, the quickest is to use the Edit Menu (Find on this page/frame) on your browser or use the Search This Site facility to search the whole Minney site. Contact me if you need additional information after a succesful search

I have used the original spellings so if looking for an Elizabeth Minney then search on Eliza, Betty, E. etc.

Alongside each name is a letter (GenCode). Generation codes are a useful way of 'dating' persons and placing them in their correct place in the index when age or date of birth are unknown. For example, in most family trees there are gaps in dates, the names are known but not their dates of birth. In cases like this you take a starting point where a date is known such as that person's grandson who was born in 1813. This would give the grandson a generation code 'O'. His father would then be given a generation code of 'N' and likewise the grandfather a code 'M'. Overlapping can occur so I always check one further generation when searching the index.

I have used the code devised by Frank Leeson. as follows;

A 1380-1409 B 1410-1439 C 1440-1469 D 1470-1499 E 1500-1529
F 1530-1559 G 1560-1589 H 1590-1619 I 1620-1649 J 1650-1679
K 1680-1709 L 1710-1739 M 1740-1769 N 1770-1799 O 1800-1829
P 1830-1859 Q 1860-1889 R 1890-1919 S 1920-1949 T 1950-1979
U 1980-2009

Any entries prior to 1380 then I would use -Z and work backwards.

A burial without a given age would be labelled two gencodes previous and a wedding one previous gencode before the date of the event.

If a parent is shown on the marriage certificate then I have allocated a generation code of two before the event date (ie one before son/daughter getting married). This may cause variations in generation codes used for the same person.

If the event is a burial of a child then I have used a code for that year, likewise if entry just states son or daughter then I have assumed it was a child death.

Finally, the country of the event is also shown (if given)

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Firstname(s) or initial(s); Capital letter for the GenCode; followed by two/three capital letter country code (if given)

A E P USA Abigail O USA Ada Q AUS Ada Q ENG Ada R Ada R AUS Ada R ENG Ada S AUS Ada S ENG Ada Maud R Ada Maud R ENG Ada Maud S Ada Maud S ENG Adae Maud S ENG Adalaide P USA Adelaide O USA Adriana van M SA Agnes O ENG Agnes Q ENG Agnes R ENG Aileen R USA Aileen S USA Alcinda Q USA Alcinda R USA Aletta Cath O SA Aletta Cath. O SA Aletta Susanna Q SA Aletta Susanna S SA Alice K ENG Alice L ENG Alice M ENG Alice N ENG Alice O ENG Alice P ENG Alice P USA Alice Q ENG Alice Hansen S USA Alice Martha Q ENG Alice Maud Q ENG Alma S AUS Alma S USA Alma T AUS Amanda P O USA Amanzia Cath.S. O SWI Amelia O Amelia O ENG Amelia P Amelia P ENG Amelia Q ENG Amelia Q USA Amey J ENG Amy R Amy Gertrude Q ENG Ana Lea N SWI Anetta P USA Anetta Q USA Anetta R USA Angleque P USA Ann I ENG Ann K ENG Ann L ENG Ann M ENG Ann N ENG Ann N SCT Ann O ENG Ann P ENG Ann Q AUS Ann Q ENG Ann Q USA Ann R Ann R AUS Ann R ENG Ann Elizabeth Q ENG Ann R. P ENG Ann R. Q ENG Ann Selina Q ENG Ann Spenser N ENG Anna K SWI Anna L SA Anna M SA Anna N SWI Anna O ENG Anna O SWI Anna P ENG Anna Q ENG Anna C van S SA Anna C van T SA Anna Domenga J SWI Anna Dorothea O SA Anna M O SA Anna Maria K SWI Anna Maria M SWI Anna Maria N SA Anna Maria O SA Anna Maria Barb O SWI Anna Marie N SA Anna Marie O SWI Anna Sibilla O PRU Anna Sophia Q USA Anna Sophia R USA Anne H ENG Anne K ENG Anne L ENG Anne M ENG Anne N ENG Anne O IND Anne O ENG Anne P ENG Anne P CAN Anne Q ENG Anne Adalaide P USA Anne Charlotte P CAN Anne Elizabeth Q ENG Anneken J USA Annetje I NTH Annetta Q USA Annetta R USA Annie P AUS Annie P ENG Annie Q Annie Q AUS Annie Q ENG Annie R AUS Annie Elizabeth R Annie Maria P ENG Annie Maria Q ENG Annie Marie Q ENG Annie May R ENG Annie May S ENG Annie Phyllis K S Annie Phyllis K S ENG Arderia P ENG Ardery O ENG Ardra P ENG Ardrey P ENG Aryelina P ENG Audery O ENG Audery P ENG Audrey N ENG Audrey O ENG Audrey P ENG Audrey Q ENG Austrilla E Q USA Austrilla E R USA Austrilla E. Q USA Austrilla E. R USA Avril Greta M S Avril Greta Mry S Ayrelina Q ENG Bernice G R Bernice G R AUS Bernice G S Bertha P ENG Bertha R ENG Bertha S ENG Bertha T ENG Beryl S ENG Bessie Q ENG Betha M SCT Betsey N ENG Betsey O ENG Betsey O USA Betsey P ENG Betsey P USA Betsey Q ENG Betsy O USA Betsy P USA Betty R ENG Betty S USA Betty S ENG Betty T ENG Betty T USA Betty Jean S USA Betty Lila R ENG Betty Ruth S USA Betty Ruth T USA Blanche Christ. S USA Blanche Christ. T USA Bonnie S USA Bonnie T USA Brenda S USA Bridget N ENG Carol S USA Carol Denise S AUS Carol Denise T AUS Caroline P ENG Caroline Q ENG Caroline S USA Catarina K SWI Caterina N SWI Caterina Anna E P SWI Catharina N SA Catharina Alci. O SWI Catharine P ENG Catharine Q USA Catherina L SWI Catherine N USA Catherine O USA Catherine O ENG Catherine P ENG Catherine P Catherine P AUS Catherine Q ENG Catherine R ENG Cecilia R HUN Cecilia C O SA Ceclia P AUS Ceclia Ann Q AUS Ceclia Ann R AUS Charlotte N ENG Charlotte O ENG Charlotte P AUS Charlotte P ENG Charlotte Q ENG Charlotte Q SA Charlotte Q AUS Charlotte Eliz. P ENG Charlotte Eliz. Q ENG Cherrill Flore. S AUS Christiana N ENG Christiana O ENG Christiana P ENG Christiana Q ENG Christina L SA Christina M SA Christina Elis. N SA Christina Elis. P SA Christina Eliz. N SA Christina Eliz. O SA Christina Eliz. P SA Christina M M O SA Clara N PRU Clara P ENG Clara Q USA Clara R USA Claudine P IND Colleen Kay T USA Cornelia c N SA Cornelia C O SA Cornelia Elis. T SA Cornelia Elis. U SA Cornelia M S S SA Cornelia M S T SA Cynthia N USA Cynthia O USA Cynthia P USA Czeczilia R HUN Daisy Q ENG Daisy R ENG Daisy S ENG Daisy J. R USA Daisy Mary Cl. Q ENG Daisy May Cl. Q ENG Daisy May Cl. R ENG Daisy May Cl. S ENG Damie Catherine Q USA Damie Catherine R USA Dawn Ava T USA Deborah N ENG Deborah O ENG Deborah P ENG Deborah E P USA Debrou P USA Debrow P USA Diadama Q USA Dinah P ENG Dinah Q ENG Domenga I SWI Domenga M SWI Dominica M SWI Dominica De H SWI Donna S USA Dorcas L ENG Dorothy O ENG Dorothy P ENG Dorothy S ENG Dorothy Kath. R ENG Dorothy Kath. R Dorothy Kath. S Dorothy Kath. S ENG Dorothy Kathlee R E. O ENG Edith S ENG Edith S USA Edith Annie Mur Q IND Edith Annie Mur R IND Edith Mary R Edith Mary R ENG Edith Mary S Edith Mary S ENG Edith Myrtle S Edith Myrtle S ENG Edith Myrtle T ENG Eizabeth O ENG Elaine Faye S USA Elaine Faye T USA Elaine Joan T ENG Elaine Joan U ENG Eleanor P ENG Eleanor Louisa R AUS Elene P CAN Elisabeth M ENG Eliza M ENG Eliza N ENG Eliza O ENG Eliza P ENG Eliza P AUS Eliza P Eliza Q AUS Eliza Q ENG Eliza Q USA Eliza Q Eliza R ENG Eliza Jones N ENG Elizabeth I ENG Elizabeth J ENG Elizabeth K ENG Elizabeth L ENG Elizabeth M ENG Elizabeth N ENG Elizabeth N SCT Elizabeth O AUS Elizabeth O IOM Elizabeth O ENG Elizabeth P AUS Elizabeth P ENG Elizabeth P IOM Elizabeth P USA Elizabeth Q AUS Elizabeth Q WLS Elizabeth Q ENG Elizabeth Q Elizabeth Q USA Elizabeth R AUS Elizabeth R ENG Elizabeth R USA Elizabeth S Elizabeth T USA Elizabeth Ann P ENG Elizabeth E P AUS Elizabeth E R AUS Elizabeth H. P WLS Elizabeth H. Q WLS Ella P USA Ella Louise S USA Ella Louise T USA Ellen P ENG Ellen P NZ Ellen Q ENG Ellen R ENG Elsie S ENG Elsie Elisabeth O SA Elsie Elisabeth P SA Elsie Elizabeth N SA Elsie Maud R Elsie Maud R ENG Elsie Maud S Elsie Maud S ENG Elsie May S ENG Elsje Susanna O SA Elspet M SCT Elva Louise S USA Elva Louise T USA Emelia O ENG Emily P ENG Emily Q ENG Emily R ENG Emily Esther Q ENG Emily Maud Q ENG Emily Virginia Q USA Emma P ENG Emma Q AUS Emma Q ENG Emma Q USA Emma R AUS Emma R ENG Emma R USA Emma S AUS Emma E P AUS Emma Jean R USA Emma Jean S USA Emma Jean T USA Emmalina P ENG Engela T SA Ester Q AUS Ester R AUS Esther K ENG Esther P ENG Esther Q ENG Esther R Esther R ENG Esther R IND Euphemia O SCT Eva N USA Eva P USA Eva Q ENG Evelyn R USA Evelyn S Evelyn T ENG Faney M ENG Faney N ENG Fannie French Q USA Fannie French R USA Fanny N ENG Fanny N USA Florence Q ENG Franca N SWI Frances M USA Frances P ENG Frances R Frances S Francina J R SA Francina J S SA Frankie Eliz. R USA Frankie Eliz. S USA Geertruyd M SA Geertuyd L SA Geertuyd M SA Gertrude P ENG Gertrude Q ENG Gertrude R ENG Gertrude Emily R ENG Giovanna J SWI Gladys R AUS Gladys R Gladys S AUS Gladys T AUS Gracie Mae R USA Gracie Mae S USA Haidee Q AUS Haidee Q NZ Haidee R Haidee R AUS Hallie Mae S USA Hanna O ENG Hanna P ENG Hanna Q ENG Hannah K ENG Hannah M ENG Hannah N ENG Hannah O ENG Hannah P ENG Hannah Q Hannah Q ENG Harday O ENG Harday P ENG Harriet O ENG Harriet P ENG Harriet Q ENG Harriet R Harriet R ENG Harriet S ENG Harriet Ann P ENG Harriett N ENG Harriett O ENG Harriett P ENG Harriett Q ENG Harriot Q ENG Helen M SCT Helen Mae P USA Helen Mae Q USA Helena Aletta P SA Helena Aletta Q SA Hellen N SCT Hellenor G ENG Hester L NTH Hester Elis. T SA Hester Elis. U SA Hetty R ENG Hilda May R ENG Hilda May S ENG Honora P AUS Honora Q AUS Honoria P AUS Idell S USA Ina R USA Ina V. R USA Irieda R USA Ivy Joyce R ENG Jacoba Cornelia P SA Jacobina K SWI Jacqueline Ann T ENG Jan S USA Jane J ENG Jane K ENG Jane L ENG Jane M ENG Jane N ENG Jane O ENG Jane O SCT Jane P SCT Jane P USA Jane P ENG Jane Q ENG Jane R ENG Jane Hepburn O SCT Janigje O NTH Jaqueline T USA Jaunita Arlou S USA Jean M SCT Jean O SCT Jean R ENG Jean S ENG Jean T ENG Jean Murial S USA Jean Murial T USA Jeanne O FRA Jenne I ENG Jessie Q SA Jessie Q AUS Jessie R AUS Jessie R SA Jessie Rose Q AUS Jessie Rose R AUS Joan K ENG Joan R AUS Joan S Joan S AUS Joan Doreen R ENG Joana P ENG Johanna M SA Johanna N SA Johanna O NTH Johanna Eva P PRU Johanna Wilh.J P SA Johanne Eva P PRU Josephine Q USA Josephine S USA Josie Isabelle R USA Josie Isabelle S USA Joy B T USA Joy B. S USA Joyce Q AUS Joyce R AUS Juanita S USA Juanita Arlou R USA Juanita Arlou S USA Judith C O SA Judy Eleanor S USA Julia O USA Julia C O ENG Julia C P ENG Julia Elizabeth T ENG Juliet O ENG Kali P AUS Katherine K ENG Kathleen Mary R AUS Kathleen Mary T AUS Laura Q AUS Lavina Jane P USA Lavina Jane R USA Leijbetje P NTH Lenora Q USA Leonice P CAN Leonie Jane P USA Levi O ENG Lilian Q USA Lilian Bertha Q ENG Lilian Eliza P ENG Lilian Eliza Q ENG Lilias N SCT Lillian Q ENG Lillie F. P USA Lillie May R USA Linda T USA Linnie Marie S USA Linnie Marie T USA Lois Klingenbu. S USA Lona Q USA Lona S USA Louisa P ENG Louisa Q AUS Louisa Q ENG Louisa Q USA Louisa R AUS Louisa Ann O ENG Louisa Wilson P AUS Louise P AUS Louise Q ENG Louise W Q AUS Louise W R AUS Lovinah P USA Lovinah Q USA Lucretia L SWI Lucy M ENG Lucy N ENG Lucy O ENG Lucy P ENG Lucy Q ENG Lucy Ann O ENG Lucy Annie R ENG Lucy Charlotte R USA Lucy Charlotte S USA Lucy Winifred S ENG Luisa Q ENG Lura Maude S USA Lydia O ENG Lydia P ENG Lydia P R ENG M P USA Madaline R USA Madaline S USA Madaline A. S USA Madeline T USA Magdalena Q USA Mahala Q USA Malinda N USA Malinda O USA Marg L FIN Margaret K ENG Margaret N USA Margaret O ENG Margaret O SCT Margaret O USA Margaret P ENG Margaret Q ENG Margaret Q USA Margaret R AUS Margaret R ENG Margaret S Margaret S AUS Margaret S ENG Margaret S USA Margaret T AUS Margaret T ENG Margaret T USA Margaret Ann Q AUS Margaret Ann S Margaret Eloise S USA Margaret Ethel P ENG Margaret Ethel Q ENG Margaretha M SA Margaretha M SWI Margaretha N SA Margaretha Eliz N SA Margarita K SWI Margarita N SWI Margie S USA Margrat R O USA Margrieta O NTH Maria J SWI Maria L FIN Maria M ENG Maria M SWI Maria N SWI Maria N ENG Maria O SWI Maria P ENG Maria Q SWI Maria Agnese P SWI Maria Anna M SWI Maria Dorothea N SA Maria Elisabeth N SWI Maria Susanna E N SA Maria Ursula M SWI Marie I ENG Marie de Verton I ENG Marie Mary S USA Marie Mary T USA Marina Q USA Marjorie R AUS Marjorie S AUS Marjorie Fran. T USA Marjorie Franc. S USA Marjorie Kath S Marjorie Kath. S AUS Marlene S USA Marlene T USA Marry R ENG Mart R AUS Marth O ENG Martha L ENG Martha M ENG Martha N USA Martha N ENG Martha N SA Martha O USA Martha O SA Martha O ENG Martha P ENG Martha P USA Martha Q ENG Martha Q USA Martha R ENG Martha A P ENG Martha A Q ENG Martha A. P ENG Martha Ann P ENG Martha Ann Q Martha Ann Q ENG Martha C J van O SA Martha C J van P SA Martha C M P SA Martha C M Q SA Mary G ENG Mary I ENG Mary J ENG Mary K ENG Mary L ENG Mary M ENG Mary M USA Mary N ENG Mary N IND Mary N USA Mary O ENG Mary O USA Mary O Mary O AUS Mary P AUS Mary P ENG Mary P IND Mary P SCT Mary P USA Mary P WLS Mary Q AUS Mary Q ENG Mary Q SCT Mary Q USA Mary R USA Mary R WLS Mary R ENG Mary R AUS Mary R FRA Mary S USA Mary U ENG Mary A Q ENG Mary A. O ENG Mary Aline S USA Mary Aline T USA Mary Ann O ENG Mary Ann P ENG Mary Ann P AUS Mary Ann Q Mary Ann Q AUS Mary Ann Q ENG Mary Ann Q USA Mary Ann R ENG Mary Anne N ENG Mary Elizabeth P ENG Mary Elizabeth Q ENG Mary Elizabeth R ENG Mary Ellen Q SCT Mary Frances S USA Mary Francis Q USA Mary Francis S USA Mary Jane O USA Mary Jane Q ENG Mary Louise S USA Mary Maria O ENG Maud M.B Q ENG Maud M.B. P ENG Maude R USA Maude S USA Mavis R AUS Mavis S AUS Mavis Josephine R Maxine S USA Maxine T USA May Q ENG May R ENG May R USA May S USA May E. P ENG May E. Q ENG Mehetabel O ENG Meinsje Jans L NTH Melanie Kay S USA Melany Kayl T USA Melinda O USA Mensje L NTH Michelle T AUS Michelle U AUS Michelle Susan S AUS Michelle Susan T AUS Michelle Susan U AUS Mildred S USA Mildred T USA Minney O ENG Minney J R USA Minney J S USA Minney J. R USA Minnie R USA Minnie S ENG Molly R USA Molly S USA Myrtal S ENG Myrtle Q USA Myrtle S USA Myrtle Deletha Q USA Myrtle Deletha R USA Myrtle Deletha S USA Nancy O USA Nancy S USA Nancy T USA Nathalie T USA Nellie R Nellie S Nellie S ENG Nellie Cath. R USA Nesa L SWI Nora Betty R USA Nora Betty S USA Norah R ENG Norah Zilpah Q Norah Zilpah Q ENG Norah Zilpah R Norah Zilpah R ENG Ocea Dell R USA Olive R AUS Olive E R AUS Olive Viola R USA Ora Ethel S USA Orsina Menga K SWI Orsola M SWI Orsola Joseph. P SWI Pearl R USA Pearl S USA Phebe N USA Phebe O USA Philis J ENG Philomen Q USA Phronie R USA Phronie S USA Phylis S ENG Phyllis Laura N R ENG Priscilla O ENG Priscilla P ENG Priscilla Q ENG Prudence R USA Ptronella M NTH Rachel P ENG Rachel Eliz. Q ENG Ramona Lee S USA Reba S USA Reba Marie S USA Reba Marie T USA Rebecca L ENG Rebecca M ENG Rebecca O ENG Rebecca P ENG Rebecca P USA Rebecca Q ENG Rebecca Q USA Rebecca Ann O USA Rebecca Ann P USA Rena S USA Rennie R USA Rennie Lovana S USA Rheita Joyce S USA Rhieta Joyce T USA Rhoda P ENG Rhoda Q ENG Rosa A R USA Rosa A. S USA Rosa Lee P USA Rosalea T USA Rosamond A P USA Rosamond A. R USA Rose P ENG Rose P FRA Rose Q ENG Rose R ENG Rose R Rose Ann S USA Rose Anna Q USA Rose Hannah C A Q ENG Roselea S USA Ruby Elfrida R ENG Ruth M ENG Ruth N ENG Ruth S USA Sally P USA Salvina P USA Sara Catharina M SA Sara Catharina N SA Sara Louisa P ENG Sara Louisa Q ENG Sarah J ENG Sarah K ENG Sarah L ENG Sarah M ENG Sarah N ENG Sarah N NTH Sarah O ENG Sarah O USA Sarah P ENG Sarah Q AUS Sarah Q ENG Sarah Q USA Sarah R Sarah S ENG Sarah A P USA Sarah Ann O ENG Sarah Ann P ENG Sarah Ann Q ENG Sarah Annie Q ENG Sarah Elizabeth Q ENG Sarah Ellen P USA Sarah Ellen Q USA Sarah Ellen R USA Sarah Estella P ENG Sarah Katrina S ENG Sarah S E Q SA Sarah S E R SA Selina N ENG Selina O ENG Selina P ENG Siller S USA Siller Matilda R USA Sophia O ENG Sophie N ENG Sophie O ENG Sophie R ENG Susan N ENG Susan N USA Susan O USA Susan P ENG Susan Q USA Susan R AUS Susane O ENG Susanna J SA Susanna K SA Susanna L SA Susanna M SA Susanna N ENG Susanna O ENG Susanna P ENG Susanna J v M SA Susanna J van M SA Susanna n M SA Susanna van M SA Susannah L ENG Susannah M ENG Susannah N ENG Susannah O ENG Susannah P ENG Susannah Q AUS Susannah Q ENG Sylvia O ENG Sylvia O USA Sylvia Q USA Sylvia R USA Sylvia S USA Tabitha N USA Tabitha O USA Tabitha P USA Teresia O SWI Terezia S HUN Thelma S USA Thomasin M ENG Thomasin N ENG Thomasin O ENG Thomasin P ENG Thomasina M ENG Thomasina O ENG Thomasine N ENG Thomasine O ENG Ursula N SWI Ursule K FRA Vanessa Claire T ENG Vera T ENG Vera Grace S Vera Grace T ENG Victoria Q USA Victoria R AUS Victoria A. Q USA Victoria C R AUS Violet R AUS Violet S AUS Violet J R Violet J R AUS Violet J S Violet J S AUS Violet Leota R USA Violet Leota S USA Virginia S USA Wilhelmina O NTH Wilhelmina P NTH Wilhelmina Q NTH Wilhelmina G P SA Wilma S USA Yana T USA Zetta Jean S USA Zetta Jean T USA

28 April 2000