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The full Minney Database is not available for searching on-line. The reason for this is due to it's size. However, I have now added the following list of Firstnames which, if succesful in your search, indicate that there is at least one record in the Minney database with further information available.

There are two ways to search these indexes, the quickest is to use the Edit Menu (Find on this page/frame) on your browser or use the Search This Site facility to search the whole Minney site. Contact me if you need additional information after a succesful search

I have used the original spellings so if looking for a Tom Minney then search on Thomas, Tom, T. etc.

Alongside each name is a letter (GenCode). Generation codes are a useful way of 'dating' persons and placing them in their correct place in the index when age or date of birth are unknown. For example, in most family trees there are gaps in dates, the names are known but not their dates of birth. In cases like this you take a starting point where a date is known such as that person's grandson who was born in 1813. This would give the grandson a generation code 'O'. His father would then be given a generation code of 'N' and likewise the grandfather a code 'M'. Overlapping can occur so I always check one further generation when searching the index.

I have used the code devised by Frank Leeson. as follows;

A 1380-1409 B 1410-1439 C 1440-1469 D 1470-1499 E 1500-1529
F 1530-1559 G 1560-1589 H 1590-1619 I 1620-1649 J 1650-1679
K 1680-1709 L 1710-1739 M 1740-1769 N 1770-1799 O 1800-1829
P 1830-1859 Q 1860-1889 R 1890-1919 S 1920-1949 T 1950-1979
U 1980-2009

Any entries prior to 1380 then I would use -Z and work backwards.

A burial without a given age would be labelled two gencodes previous and a wedding one previous gencode before the date of the event.

If a parent is shown on the marriage certificate then I have allocated a generation code of two before the event date (ie one before son/daughter getting married). This may cause variations in generation codes used for the same person.

If the event is a burial of a child then I have used a code for that year, likewise if entry just states son or daughter then I have assumed it was a child death.

Finally, the country of the event is also shown (if given)

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Firstname or initial; Capital letter for the GenCode; followed by three capital letter country code (if given)

A P ENG A Q ENG A R ENG A S ENG A T USA Abel Q SA Abner Q USA Abner S USA Abraham I ENG Abraham O ENG Abraham P ENG Abraham S ENG Abram S ENG Ada P ENG Ada Q AUS Ada Q ENG Ada R ENG Adalaide R ENG Adar P ENG Aden Q ENG Adin P ENG Adolphe Q ENG Adriana O SA Adriana P SA Agnes SCT Agnes J SCT Agnes O SCT Agnes P AUS Agnes P SCT Agnes Q ENG Agnes R ENG Agostino I SWI Agostino K SWI Agrikam P ENG Agrikan P IND Aime P ENG Alan Q ENG Alan S ENG Albena Q USA Albert O ENG Albert P ENG Albert Q USA Albert Q AUS Albert Q ENG Albert Q SA Albert R USA Albert R AUS Albert R ENG Albert S ENG Albina P USA Alcinda Q USA Alcule Q USA Alec Q ENG Alec S Alec S ENG Alene R USA Aletta P SA Alex O ENG Alex Q ENG Alexander M ENG Alexander M SCT Alexander N SCT Alexander N ENG Alexander O USA Alexander O ENG Alexander O SCT Alexander P CAN Alexander P ENG Alexander R ENG Alf R ENG Alfred P ENG Alfred Q ENG Alfred R ENG Alfred S Alfred S ENG Alice H ENG Alice J ENG Alice K ENG Alice M ENG Alice N ENG Alice O ENG Alice P ENG Alice P USA Alice Q ENG Alice R ENG Alice R USA Alice S ENG Alice U ENG Alida P SA Allen Q ENG Alles H ENG Allice N ENG Alma S ENG Alma S USA Alphonse Q USA Ambrose P ENG Amelia O ENG Amelia P ENG Amelia Q ENG Amelia R ENG Amey H ENG Amilia P ENG Amy N ENG Amy P ENG Amy Q ENG Amy R ENG Amy R USA Andre Q ENG Andre R ENG Andrew M SCT Andrew O CAN Andrew Q ENG Andrew R USA Andy T USA Anetta P USA Anetta R USA Anette S USA Angela S ENG Angelina Q ENG Angelina S USA Ann K ENG Ann L ENG Ann M ENG Ann N ENG Ann N SCT Ann O ENG Ann P WLS Ann P IND Ann P AUS Ann P ENG Ann Q ENG Ann R USA Anna K SWI Anna L SA Anna M SA Anna N ENG Anna N SWI Anna N SA Anna N FIN Anna N PRU Anna O ENG Anna O SA Anna P SWI Anna P SA Anna P ENG Anna Q SA Anna Q USA Anna Q ENG Anna R USA Annabel R USA Anne K ENG Anne L ENG Anne M ENG Anne N ENG Anne N NTH Anne O IND Anne O ENG Anne P CAN Anne P ENG Anne P IND Anne Q ENG Annie P ENG Annie Q WLS Annie Q USA Annie Q Annie Q AUS Annie Q ENG Annie R ENG Annie R WLS Annie S ENG Anthonie L SA Anthonie M SA Anthony P ENG Anthony R ENG Anthony S ENG Antonia P NTH Antonio M SWI Antonio O SWI Ara R USA Archibald Q USA Archibald R ENG Archie R ENG Archie S USA Ardra O ENG Ardra P ENG Arlys S USA Arnold R AUS Artemas P USA Arthur O SCT Arthur P ENG Arthur Q ENG Arthur Q USA Arthur Q Arthur R Arthur R ENG Arthur R USA Arthur S ENG Arthur S USA Arthur S Asa P USA Asarkino Q ENG Asby R USA Asrican O ENG Audery N ENG Audery P ENG Audie S USA Audrey O ENG Audrey P ENG Audrey R ENG Audrey R AUS Audrey S ENG Augusta O ENG Augusta P ENG Augusta Q ENG Augustus J ENG Austin R USA Ava Q USA Ava S USA Ava T USA Ayrelina O ENG Azrikam P ENG Azrikan O ENG Azrikane P ENG Azrikin O ENG B Q ENG Barbara K ENG Barbara O SCT Barbara R ENG Barbara S Barbara S ENG Barbara T USA Barbra N USA Barend S SA Barnabas J ENG Barney N USA Barney N GER Barney P USA Barry S ENG Barry T USA Beatrice Q AUS Beatrice Q ENG Beatrice R AUS Beatrice R ENG Beatrice R Beatrice R USA Beatrice S ENG Ben Q ENG Benjamen R ENG Benjamin O ENG Benjamin P ENG Benjamin Q ENG Benjamin R Benjamin R WLS Benjamin R ENG Benjamin S Benjamin S ENG Bepie Q AUS Bernard S ENG Bernhart Bert Q ENG Bert Q FRA Bert Q Bert R FRA Bertha O ENG Bertha P ENG Bertha Q ENG Bertha Q USA Bertha R ENG Bertha R USA Berther O ENG Berther P ENG Bertie S USA Beryl R WLS Beryl S ENG Bessie Q ENG Betsey O ENG Betsey P ENG Betsey Q ENG Betsey R ENG Betsy O ENG Betty O ENG Betty R ENG Betty R USA Betty S AUS Betty S ENG Betty S USA Betty T AUS Billie T USA Blanche R USA Bob S USA Bobby T USA Bradford S USA Brenda S ENG Brendan R ENG Brian S ENG Bridget O USA Bridget P ENG Bridget Q ENG Bruce S USA Bruce S AUS Bryan T USA Burlon S USA C Q ENG C R ENG C S USA C T USA Caleb N ENG Caleb P ENG Carel M SA Carel N SA Carel O SA Carel P SA Carel Q SA Carl R USA Carmine Q USA Carnol N USA Carol S ENG Carol T ENG Caroline N ENG Caroline O ENG Caroline P ENG Caroline Q ENG Caroline R WLS Caroline R USA Caroline R ENG Carolo N SWI Carolus M SA Carolus M SWI Carolus N SA Carolyn S USA Caterina P SWI Catharina M SWI Catharine N USA Catharine P ENG Catherina K SWI Catherine G ENG Catherine J ENG Catherine K ENG Catherine L ENG Catherine N ENG Catherine O USA Catherine O ENG Catherine P USA Catherine P SCT Catherine P IOM Catherine P ENG Catherine Q ENG Catherine Q WLS Catherine R ENG Catherine R USA Catherine T AUS Cathrina O PRU Catterina O SWI Cecelia Q USA Celeste T USA Charles J ENG Charles N ENG Charles O ENG Charles P ENG Charles P USA Charles P AUS Charles Q AUS Charles Q ENG Charles Q USA Charles Q Charles R FRA Charles R USA Charles R ENG Charles R AUS Charles R Charles S ENG Charles S USA Charles S Charles T USA Charley R USA Charlotta N FIN Charlotte M ENG Charlotte N ENG Charlotte O ENG Charlotte P Charlotte P AUS Charlotte P ENG Charlotte P USA Charlotte Q Charlotte Q ENG Charlotte R ENG Chas P ENG Chas Q Ches R USA Chester R USA Christiaan P NTH Christiana P ENG Christianne P ENG Christina N SA Christina O SA Christina P SA Christina Q SA Christina S ENG Christine S ENG Christine S USA Christine T USA Christoffel O SA Christoffel P SA Christoffel Q SA Christopher N ENG Christopher O ENG Christopher P ENG Christopher Q ENG Christopher R ENG Christopher S AUS Christopher T AUS Christopher T ENG Cissie Q ENG Cissie R ENG Clara P ENG Clara Q ENG Clara Q USA Clara R ENG Clara R USA Clarence Q USA Clarence R USA Clarisa Q USA Clark R USA Claude Q ENG Claude Q USA Clayton R USA Clement S ENG Clifford R ENG Clifford S ENG Clive R WLS Colin S ENG Colleen S AUS Connie S USA Conny P ENG Conny R ENG Conrad S WLS Constance R ENG Cornelia O SA Cornelia Q ENG Cornelia Q NTH Cornelis L NTH Cornelis P SA Court I NTH Cr. P ENG Cray R USA Cressie R USA Cyntha P USA Cynthia S Cynthia S ENG Cyril R ENG Cyril R WLS Cyril R USA Cyril S CHN Cyril S ENG Daisy Q ENG Daisy R ENG Dale S USA Damie Q USA Danial P ENG Daniel J ENG Daniel K ENG Daniel L ENG Daniel L USA Daniel M ENG Daniel M USA Daniel N ENG Daniel N USA Daniel O ENG Daniel O USA Daniel O IOM Daniel P ENG Daniel P USA Daniel Q ENG Daniel Q SCT Daniel Q WLS Daniel R WLS Daniel R ENG Daniel S USA Daniel T USA Daniell H ENG Danny S USA Danny T USA Daphne S ENG Darlene T USA Darlie S USA Darren T AUS Darren U ENG David J ENG David N ENG David O AUS David O ENG David P CAN David P ENG David Q WLS David Q ENG David R AUS David R USA David S AUS David S ENG David T ENG David T USA Dawid T SA Dealton R USA Debbie T USA Deborah N ENG Deborah P ENG Deborah T USA Deena T USA Delanie R USA Delia Q USA Della R USA Delmar R USA Delmar S USA Deloris S USA Denis S ENG Dennis R ENG Dennis S ENG Dennis T USA Denon R USA Denon T USA Denzil S USA Dependente P AUS Derek R ENG Derek S ENG Derrick R ENG Derrick S ENG Desire Q ENG Dewey R USA Dewey S USA Dinah P ENG Dirk L SA Dirk M NTH Dirk M SA Dirk R ENG Domenica N SWI Domenica O SWI Domenico N SWI Dominic P USA Donald R USA Donald S ENG Donald S WLS Donald S USA Donna T AUS Donna T USA Donnie T USA Dora R ENG Dora R USA Dorcas P ENG Dorcus P ENG Doris R ENG Doris R USA Doris R Doris S ENG Doris S USA Dorothy N ENG Dorothy R USA Dorothy R WLS Dorothy R Dorothy R ENG Dorothy S ENG Douglas R ENG Drusa Q USA Druselda N USA Druza Q USA Druzilla P USA Duane Q USA Dulcie R ENG Dulph O ENG E P ENG E Q ENG Ealse H ENG Earl R USA Earl S USA Eben P ENG Eben R ENG Ebeneezer Q ENG Ebenezer O ENG Ebenezer P ENG Ebenezer Q ENG Ebenezer R ENG Edgar R ENG Edgar S ENG Edie R AUS Edie R ENG Edith Q ENG Edith R ENG Edith R USA Edith S USA Edmund O ENG Edmund P ENG Edmund Q ENG Edmund R ENG Edmund S USA Edna R ENG Edna R USA Edna S ENG Edouard Q ENG Edsel S USA Edward O ENG Edward P ENG Edward Q ENG Edward R USA Edward R ENG Edward S USA Edward S CHN Edward S ENG Edwin O ENG Edwin P ENG Edwin P USA Edwin Q ENG Edwin R USA Edwin S ENG Edwin S USA Effie P USA Effie R USA Eileen R ENG Eileen S Eileen S ENG Eileen S WLS Einght Q ENG Elaine T ENG Eleaner Q ENG Eleanor O ENG Eleanor P ENG Eleanor Q ENG Elen P ENG Elia Q SWI Elinor Q ENG Elisabeth M SA Elisabeth M ENG Elisabeth P SCT Eliza N ENG Eliza O ENG Eliza O USA Eliza P AUS Eliza P ENG Eliza P USA Eliza Q ENG Eliza R AUS Eliza R ENG Elizabeth I ENG Elizabeth J ENG Elizabeth K ENG Elizabeth L ENG Elizabeth M ENG Elizabeth N USA Elizabeth N ENG Elizabeth N IND Elizabeth O USA Elizabeth O ENG Elizabeth P WLS Elizabeth P AUS Elizabeth P CAN Elizabeth P ENG Elizabeth P IOM Elizabeth P SA Elizabeth P USA Elizabeth Q WLS Elizabeth Q USA Elizabeth Q ENG Elizabeth Q Elizabeth Q AUS Elizabeth R ENG Elizabeth R USA Elizabeth S ENG Elizah O USA Ella R ENG Ellen N ENG Ellen O ENG Ellen O SCT Ellen P ENG Ellen Q ENG Ellen R ENG Ellen S ENG Ellsworth S USA Elmer S USA Eloise S USA Elsia R ENG Elsie N SA Elsie Q ENG Elsie R Elsie R ENG Elsie S ENG Elsina Q USA Elspet O SCT Elwood R USA Emerson R USA Emile R USA Emilie Q ENG Emily O USA Emily P WLS Emily P ENG Emily P USA Emily Q ENG Emily R ENG Emily R USA Emily R Emma N ENG Emma O ENG Emma P ENG Emma Q USA Emma Q ENG Emma R ENG Emma R ENF Emma R AUS Emma S USA Emma T USA Emmalina P ENG Emmalina Q ENG Ena R USA Ena S ENG Ena T USA English R USA Enid S ENG Enos Q ENG Enos Q USA Ephraim P ENG Ephriam P ENG Ephriham P ENG Era Q USA Eric R ENG Eric S Eric S ENG Erma R USA Ernest Q USA Ernest Q AUS Ernest Q ENG Ernest Q NZ Ernest Q SA Ernest R USA Ernest R Ernest R ENG Ernest S ENG Ernie R ENG Ersal S USA Ervan R USA Esay I ENG Esther N ENG Esther O ENG Esther P ENG Esther Q ENG Esther R USA Ethel Q ENG Ethel Q USA Ethel R ENG Ethel R USA Ethel R AUS Ethel R Ethel S ENG Ethelene R USA Etta Q USA Eugene P ENG Eugene Q ENG Eugene S USA Euphemia P SCT Eva O USA Eva P USA Eva Q ENG Eva R ENG Eva R USA Eva S HUN Eve Q ENG Eveline R ENG Evelyn R USA Evelyn R ENG Evelyn S ENG Ezekial P ENG Ezekiel O ENG Ezekiel P ENG Ezra Q USA Ezra S USA F Q ENG F R ENG Fannie Q USA Fanny N ENG Fanny O ENG Fanny P ENG Fanny Q ENG Fanny R USA Felix R USA Ferdinand Q ENG Fern R USA Filippo Q USA Filomena Q USA Florance P USA Florence N ENG Florence P ENG Florence P USA Florence Q ENG Florence Q USA Florence R ENG Florence R Florrence R ENG Florrie Q ENG Florrie R ENG Florry Q ENG Floy Q USA Floyd Q USA Flurance R ENG Forrest S USA Foster R USA Franca N SWI Frances K ENG Frances L ENG Frances N ENG Frances O ENG Frances P ENG Frances Q ENG Frances R ENG Frances S ENG Frances S USA Francesco J SWI Francescus L SWI Francina Q SA Francis I ENG Francis J ENG Francis K ENG Francis N ENG Francis O ENG Francis P ENG Francis P USA Francis Q ENG Francis R ENG Francis R WLS Francis S ENG Francis S USA Francois P CAN Frank Q ENG Frank Q USA Frank R AUS Frank R ENG Frank R USA Frank S ENG Frank S USA Franklin S USA Fred P ENG Fred Q Fred Q USA Fred Q ENG Fred Q FRA Fred R ENG Fred R FRA Fred R USA Fred. P ENG Frederic P ENG Frederica N SA Frederick N ENG Frederick P ENG Frederick Q Frederick Q ENG Frederick Q SA Frederick Q WLS Frederick R USA Frederick R WLS Frederick R ENG Frederick R AUS Frederick S ENG Frederick S AUS Frederik O SA Frederik P SA Fritz R ENG G O ENG G P ENG G Q ENG G S ENG Geertruida N SA Geertruy M SA Geertuida N SA Geetruy M SA Genevieve L FRA Geoffery R ENG Geoffrey R ENG Geoffrey S ENG George M ENG George N ENG George N USA George O ENG George O USA George P USA George P AUS George P CAN George P ENG George Q USA George Q ENG George Q AUS George Q George R George R AUS George R ENG George R USA George S USA George S ENG George T USA Georgiana N ENG Georgiana O ENG Georgiana Q ENG Georgina N ENG Georgina O ENG Georgina P ENG Georgina Q ENG Georgina R ENG Georgina S ENG Gerald O ENG Geraldine S ENG Geraldine S WLS Gerard O NTH Geremino M SWI Geremio O SWI Gerhard Q ENG Gertrude P USA Gertrude Q ENG Gertrude R ENG Gesina P SA Giacomo J SWI Giacomo L SWI Giacomo M SWI Giacomo N SWI Giacomo O SWI Giacomo P SWI Gilbert Q USA Gilda S USA Giovanni J SWI Giovanni K SWI Giovanni M SWI Giovanni O SWI Giovanni P SWI Giuseppa Q USA Gladys R ENG Gladys S ENG Gladys S AUS Glen S USA Glen T USA Glenda S ENG Glenda T USA Godfrey R ENG Gordon Q ENG Gordon R USA Gottfried M USA Gr P ENG Grace N ENG Grace Q ENG Grace R ENG Grace S ENG Grace S USA Gracie S USA Gregory R ENG Gregory S AUS Guald S ENG Gussie S USA Gwendoline R AUS Gwendoline R ENG Gwendoline S ENG H Q ENG H R USA H S USA H. P ENG H. Q ENG Hader P ENG Haled Q USA Hanna O ENG Hanna P ENG Hanna P USA Hannah J ENG Hannah K ENG Hannah L ENG Hannah N ENG Hannah N NTH Hannah O ENG Hannah P ENG Hannah Q ENG Hannah Q USA Hannah R Hannah R USA Hannah R ENG Hanrick U SA Hans J SA Hans K GER Hans L SA Harday O ENG Harday P ENG Harold Q ENG Harold R USA Harold R ENG Harold R Harold R AUS Harold S AUS Harold S ENG Harriet O ENG Harriet P USA Harriet P ENG Harriet Q ENG Harriet R ENG Harriett N ENG Harriett O ENG Harriett P ENG Harriett Q ENG Harriott O ENG Harry K ENG Harry N ENG Harry O ENG Harry P ENG Harry Q CAN Harry Q ENG Harry Q USA Harry R ENG Harry R USA Harry S USA Harry S ENG Harve R USA Harvey R USA Harvey S USA Hatie Q ENG Hazel R AUS Hazel R USA Hazel S Hazel S AUS Hector R USA Helen N SCT Helen O ENG Helen R ENG Helen R USA Helen S ENG Helen S USA Helena P SA Helene R USA Henery K ENG Henery M ENG Henery O ENG Henery P ENG Henery Q ENG Henrietta P ENG Henrietta Q ENG Henry K ENG Henry L ENG Henry M ENG Henry N ENG Henry O USA Henry O ENG Henry P ENG Henry P USA Henry Q ENG Henry Q WLS Henry R WLS Henry R ENG Herbert Q SA Herbert Q ENG Herbert Q AUS Herbert R AUS Herbert R ENG Herbert S ENG Herbert S USA Herman S USA Hermann O PRU Hermann P PRU Hester P ENG Hezricah O ENG Hilda R Hilda R ENG Hilda S ENG Hindrich L FIN Hoadley Q USA Honora N ENG Horace Q ENG Horace R ENG Horace R USA Howard R Howard R AUS Howard R USA Howard S USA Howard T USA Hugo S ENG Hugo U SA Huibrecht O SA Hulurah N USA Hunter S USA Ida R ENG Ida R USA Ila R Ila R AUS Illa R AUS Ilonie Q USA Imogene R USA Imogene S USA Ina R USA Ina S USA Ione R USA Ira Q USA Ira S USA Irene Q USA Irene R ENG Irene S USA Irene S ENG Iris R ENG Iris S Iris S ENG Iris S USA Irma R USA Isaac F ENG Isaac O ENG Isaac P AUS Isaac P ENG Isaac Q ENG Isabella K SWI Isabella P ENG Isabella Q ENG Isaiah Q ENG Isom P USA Issac Q ENG Italene R USA Iva R USA Ivy R ENG Ivy S ENG J M ENG J S USA J U USA J. P ENG Jabez O ENG Jabez P Jabez P ENG Jabez Q ENG Jabez R ENG Jack Q ENG Jack R Jack R ENG Jack S ENG Jacob O USA Jacob P ENG Jacob P AUS Jacob Q SA Jacob R USA Jacoba O NTH Jacobo L SWI Jacobus N SA Jacobus Q SA Jacomina P SA Jam. P ENG James K ENG James L ENG James M ENG James M USA James N SCT James N USA James N IND James N ENG James O ENG James O USA James O CAN James P AUS James P CAN James P ENG James P SCT James P USA James Q SCT James Q USA James Q ENG James R ENG James R USA James S USA James S WLS James S SCT James S ENG James S AUS James S James T USA Jamesina R ENG Jan N SA Jan O SA Jan P SA Jan Q SA Jan T SA Jane I ENG Jane K ENG Jane L ENG Jane M ENG Jane N ENG Jane O ENG Jane P ENG Jane Q ENG Jane Q WLS Jane R ENG Jane R USA Jane R WLS Janes T USA Janet I SCT Janet N SCT Janet S ENG Janice S AUS Janos R HUN Janos S HUN Jay R USA Jean K SA Jean L SA Jean P CAN Jean P FRA Jean S Jean S ENG Jeanne N FRA Jeanne S ENG Jeannette R USA Jeffcott R AUS Jeffery L ENG Jeffery M ENG Jeffery N ENG Jeffery O ENG Jeffrey O ENG Jeffrey T USA Jemima O ENG Jemima P ENG Jennet R WLS Jennette R WLS Jeoffery O ENG Jerald T USA Jeremiah O ENG Jeremiah P USA Jeremiah Q USA Jesse O ENG Jesse R USA Jessey P ENG Jessica U AUS Jessie P ENG Jessie Q AUS Jessie Q ENG Jessie Q SA Jewell R USA Jhrs P ENG Jim R AUS Jim R USA Jim S USA Jno O USA Jno Q ENG Joan R ENG Joan S ENG Joan T USA Joana O ENG Joannah O ENG Joanne K SWI Joannes M SWI Joannes N PRU Joe Q USA Johan L FIN Johanna N SA Johanna O WLS Johanna O SA Johanna O NTH Johanna P SA Johanna P NTH Johanna Q ENG Johanna Q SA Johannes I USA Johannes J USA Johannes L SA Johannes M SA Johannes N SA Johannes O SA Johannes P SA Johannes Q SA Johannes T SA John H ENG John J ENG John K ENG John L ENG John M USA John M ENG John M SCT John N ENG John N SCT John N USA John O USA John O WLS John O SCT John O ENG John O John P WLS John P CAN John P ENG John P IND John P IOM John P USA John P AUS John Q WLS John Q USA John Q AUS John Q SCT John Q ENG John R WLS John R John R AUS John R ENG John R USA John S WLS John S USA John S AUS John S ENG John T ENG John T USA Johnny S USA Jon L ENG Jon P ENG Jonas P AUS Jonathan O USA Jonathan P USA Jonathan Q USA Jonathon O Jonathon O USA Jone F ENG Jone L ENG Joseph N ENG Joseph O Joseph O ENG Joseph O USA Joseph P ENG Joseph Q USA Joseph Q IND Joseph Q AUS Joseph Q Joseph Q ENG Joseph R AUS Joseph R ENG Joseph R USA Joseph R WLS Joseph S ENG Joseph S USA Josephi H SWI Josephine R ENG Josephine R USA Josephine S ENG Josie R USA Josina N SA Joyce R ENG Joyce S ENG Jozsef S HUN Jr P ENG Judith P ENG Judith S AUS Judith T USA Judy T USA Julia O ENG Julia P ENG Julia Q ENG Julia R ENG Julie T AUS Juliet O ENG Juliet P ENG Juliet Q ENG June R USA June S ENG Junior S USA Jurie R SA K T USA Karel Q SA Karen T USA Kate P ENG Kate P AUS Kate Q ENG Kate R ENG Katharina L USA Katharine P USA Katherine K ENG Katherine P USA Katherine T ENG Kathleen Q ENG Kathleen R ENG Kathleen R AUS Kathleen S AUS Kathleen S IND Katie Q ENG Keith S ENG Keith T AUS Ken S ENG Kenneth R ENG Kenneth S Kenneth S AUS Kenneth S ENG Kenneth T ENG Kenneth T USA Kerry S AUS Kesslie R USA Kesslie S USA Kevin S AUS Kevin T ENG Keziah Q ENG Lane Q ENG Larry T USA Laura P ENG Laura Q ENG Laura R ENG Laura R AUS Laura S ENG Lavaughn S USA Lavinia Q ENG Lawrence R ENG Lazzlo R HUN Leah P ENG Leah R ENG Leendert O NTH Lena P ENG Lena Q USA Lena R USA Lennie R ENG Lenora S USA Leo R USA Leon S USA Leonard Q ENG Leonard R AUS Leonard R ENG Leonard R Leonard S USA Leonora R ENG Leontine R USA Leopold P ENG Leroy R USA Leslie Q AUS Leslie R ISA Leslie R USA Leslie R ENG Leslie S ENG Leslie T ENG Leslie U AUS Lester Q USA Leva Q USA Lewis Q ENG Lewis R USA Lewis R ENG Lewis S ENG Liddy O ENG Liddy P USA Lilian Q ENG Lilian Q WLS Lilian R ENG Lilian S ENG Lillian Q ENG Lillian R AUS Lillian R ENG Lillian R USA Lillian S USA Lillie Q ENG Lillie R ENG Lily Q ENG Lily R ENG Lily R WLS Linda S ENG Linda S USA Linda T ENG Linda T USA Lisa T USA Liza O ENG Liza P USA Lizzie Q ENG Lizzie R ENG Lloyd R USA Lloyd S USA Lloyd T USA Lois Q ENG Loiusa P ENG Loretta O USA Lottie Q ENG Lottie R USA Lottie S USA Lottie S ENG Lou P USA Louetta T USA Louis P USA Louis Q USA Louis R USA Louis S USA Louisa O ENG Louisa P ENG Louisa P AUS Louisa Q AUS Louisa Q ENG Louisa R ENG Louise Q ENG Louise R USA Louise S USA Louise T AUS Louise T ENG Lovinah P USA Lucas P SA Lucas Q SA Lucinda P USA Lucy M ENG Lucy N ENG Lucy O ENG Lucy P ENG Lucy Q ENG Lucy R ENG Lucy S ENG Lulu Q USA Lulu R USA Lydia O ENG Lydia P ENG Lydia P USA Lydia Q ENG Lydia R ENG M P USA M R ENG Mabel Q ENG Mabel R ENG Mabel R USA Macel S USA Madaline S USA Mae Q USA Mae R USA Magdalen S ENG Magdalena N SA Magrieta Q SA Magrietha P SA Mahala P USA Malcolm P ENG Malcolm T ENG Malcom S AUS Malinda O USA Manerva Q USA Marcelle Q ENG Margaret J ENG Margaret J SCT Margaret K ENG Margaret N ENG Margaret N USA Margaret O USA Margaret O ENG Margaret O SCT Margaret P USA Margaret P IOM Margaret P AUS Margaret P ENG Margaret Q USA Margaret Q Margaret Q AUS Margaret Q ENG Margaret Q SCT Margaret R WLS Margaret R USA Margaret R ENG Margaret S Margaret S AUS Margaret S ENG Margaret S USA Margaret S WLS Margaretha N SA Margaretha O SA Margaretta S USA Margarette S USA Margarita H OST Margery Q ENG Margie S USA Margrate Q ENG Marguerite P CAN Maria K SWI Maria L ENG Maria M SA Maria N FRA Maria N PRU Maria N SA Maria N SWI Maria O ENG Maria O USA Maria P AUS Maria P USA Maria P ENG Maria P PRU Maria Q ENG Mariah P ENG Marian R USA Marie J ENG Marie K FRA Marie P CAN Marie Q USA Marie R USA Marie S ENG Marie S USA Marilyn S USA Marion O SCT Marion P ENG Marjorie R ENG Marjorie S ENG Mark S USA Mark T USA Marlena T USA Marsha O ENG Martha N ENG Martha N USA Martha O ENG Martha P USA Martha P ENG Martha Q USA Martha Q ENG Marthe P USA Marthew N USA Marthinus O SA Marthinus P SA Marthinus Q SA Martin O ENG Martin R USA Martin S USA Martin S ENG Mary G ENG Mary I ENG Mary J ENG Mary K ENG Mary L ENG Mary M ENG Mary M USA Mary N USA Mary N ENG Mary O Mary O ENG Mary O SCT Mary O USA Mary O WLS Mary P Mary P WLS Mary P USA Mary P SCT Mary P NZ Mary P IND Mary P AUS Mary P ENG Mary Q WLS Mary Q USA Mary Q ENG Mary Q AUS Mary R ENG Mary R USA Mary R WLS Mary R AUS Mary S ENG Mary S USA Matilda N ENG Matilda P ENG Matilda Q USA Matilda R WLS Matthew N ENG Matthew N USA Matthew O ENG Matthew T AUS Matthew T USA Mattie Q USA Maud Q ENG Maud Q Maud R ENG Maude Q ENG Maude R USA Maureen S ENG Maurice S ENG Mavis R AUS Mavis S AUS Mavis S ENG Maxine R USA May P ENG May Q ENG May R May R ENG Mehetabel O ENG Melinda O USA Melinda P USA Melissa T USA Melville Q USA Melvin S USA Melvina S USA Mepetabel P ENG Mercy N ENG Mercy O ENG Meredith S USA Mervyn R AUS Metchaba O ENG Michael M USA Michael N USA Michael P AUS Michael P ENG Michael Q ENG Michael Q USA Michael S AUS Michael S USA Michael T USA Michael U AUS Michaela S AUS Michaela T AUS Michele T USA Mildred R USA Mildred S USA Millicent Q ENG Millicent R ENG Millie Q ENG Milly Q ENG Minnie Q ENG Minnie S USA Miriam R ENG Mitchell T USA Mollie P USA Morgan R USA Morzit P ENG Moses N ENG Myrtle Q USA Myrtle R Myrtle R AUS Myrtle R USA Nancy O USA Nancy P USA Nancy Q USA Nancy T USA Naneen R USA Naomi P AUS Naomi P ENG Nathan P ENG Nathan Q ENG Nathanioll J ENG Nellie Q ENG Nellie Q USA Nellie R USA Nellie R ENG Nellie S ENG Nesotta J SWI Nesta N ENG Netta R ENG Nicholas P USA Nicholas T ENG Nicolaas O SA Nicolaas P SA Nicolaas Q SA Nicolaas R SA Nicolaas T SA Nicolaas U SA Nora Q ENG Nora R ENG Norah R ENG Norene S USA Norman S ENG O Q ENG Ockert O SA Octavia P ENG Odell R USA Odessa R USA Oe Q USA Okera S USA Olive R USA Olive R WLS Olive R AUS Olive R Olive S WLS Olive S ENG Oliver Q ENG Oliver R ENG Oliver R USA Orpha R USA Orrelle R USA Orval S USA Osa R USA Oscar S USA Oye R USA P R USA Parmelia R USA Pasquale S USA Patricia S USA Patricia S AUS Patricia S ENG Patrick O AUS Patrick R ENG Patrick S Patrick S AUS Patrick T AUS Patrick T USA Patty S USA Paul J ENG Paul T ENG Paul T USA Paula T USA Pauline P USA Pearl S USA Percy Q ENG Percy R Percy R ENG Peter L USA Peter M USA Peter N ENG Peter O USA Peter O ENG Peter P ENG Peter Q ENG Peter Q HUN Peter R ENG Peter R USA Peter S Peter S ENG Peter S AUS Petro K SWI Petrus P SA Petrus Q SA Phebe N USA Phebe P ENG Phebe P USA Pheobe Q ENG Philip J ENG Philip P USA Philip R ENG Philip T USA Phillip O ENG Phoebe M ENG Phoebe N ENG Phoebe N USA Phoebe P ENG Phoebe Q ENG Phoebe S ENG Phylis S ENG Phyllis R ENG Phyllis S Phyllis S ENG Piere H ENG Piere I ENG Pierre I ENG Pierre O FRA Pieter Q SA Pleasance R ENG Pleasance S ENG Primrose S ENG Priscilla O ENG Prudence M ENG Prudence P ENG R R ENG Rachel L USA Rachel M ENG Rachel N ENG Rachel N USA Rachel O USA Rachel P ENG Rachel P USA Rachel Q USA Rachel R USA Raffaele Q USA Ralph Q ENG Ralph R ENG Ralph R USA Ralph S ENG Randy S USA Ray R USA Raymond P USA Raymond Q USA Raymond R USA Raymond R AUS Raymond S ENG Raymond T USA Rebecca M ENG Rebecca N ENG Rebecca O ENG Rebecca O USA Rebecca P ENG Rebecca Q ENG Rebeckah P USA Rebekah O ENG Rebekah P ENG Reg R Regina T USA Reginald Q ENG Reginald R ENG Reginald S Reginald S ENG Rena R USA Ressie R USA Rhoda P ENG Ricardo S USA Richard G ENG Richard H ENG Richard I ENG Richard K ENG Richard L ENG Richard M ENG Richard N ENG Richard O ENG Richard P AUS Richard P ENG Richard Q ENG Richard Q USA Richard R ENG Richard S USA Richard S ENG Richard T USA Richard U ENG Ricky T USA Ridney T USA Rita S ENG Robert K ENG Robert M ENG Robert O CAN Robert O ENG Robert P ENG Robert P USA Robert Q Robert Q AUS Robert Q ENG Robert Q USA Robert R AUS Robert R USA Robert R SA Robert R ENG Robert S AUS Robert S ENG Robert S IND Robert S USA Robert T ENG Robert T AUS Roberta T USA Robin S ENG Rodney S USA Rodolfo N SWI Roger S USA Roger T USA Roland R ENG Rollie R ENG Romeo O ENG Romeo P ENG Ronald Q ENG Ronald R ENG Ronald S ENG Ronzel S USA Ros. O ENG Rosa P ENG Rosa Q USA Rosa Q ENG Rosa R ENG Rosa R USA Rosala O SWI Rosaleen R ENG Rosalie R Rosalie R ENG Rosalina R WLS Rosaline R ENG Rosana P AUS Rosane R ENG Rosanna Q ENG Rose M ENG Rose P ENG Rose P IRL Rose P USA Rose Q ENG Rose R ENG Rose R USA Rose R Rose S USA Roseanna Q ENG Roseline R WLS Roseline S ENG Rosemary S ENG Rosetta R ENG Rosina Q ENG Rosina R ENG Rosina S ENG Roy R ENG Roy R USA Rubeigh R ENG Ruby R Ruby R AUS Ruby R ENG Ruby R USA Ruby S Ruby S ENG Ruby S USA Rubyn R Rubyn R IND Rudolph P SA Russell R USA Ruth M ENG Ruth N ENG Ruth Q ENG Ruth R USA Ruth R ENG Ruth S USA S P ENG S Q ENG S R ENG S R USA Salvatore R USA Sam O ENG Sam P ENG Sam Q USA Samuel J ENG Samuel L ENG Samuel M ENG Samuel N Samuel N ENG Samuel N IND Samuel O ENG Samuel O IND Samuel P Samuel P ENG Samuel Q ENG Samuel Q USA Samuel R ENG Sandra S ENG Santa R USA Sara K ENG Sara Q ENG Sarah J ENG Sarah K ENG Sarah L ENG Sarah M ENG Sarah N ENG Sarah N USA Sarah O ENG Sarah O USA Sarah O WLS Sarah O Sarah P AUS Sarah P ENG Sarah P USA Sarah P WLS Sarah Q USA Sarah Q WLS Sarah Q ENG Sarah Q AUS Sarah R ENG Sarah R WLS Sarah R AUS Sarah S ENG Sarah S USA Sarah T ENG Seah P ENG Selina O ENG Selina P ENG Selina Q ENG Selina R ENG Sharon T USA Sheena S USA Sheila T USA Shirley S AUS Shirley S USA Sidney P CAN Sidney Q Sidney Q ENG Sidney R ENG Sidney S ENG Sidney T USA Sidny Q ENG Silas Q USA Siller R USA Simon T ENG Sophia O ENG Sophie O ENG Sophie P ENG Sophie R USA Sophy Q ENG Spence R AUS Spence S Spence S AUS Spencer M ENG Spencer O ENG Spencer P ENG Spencer Q ENG Spenser M ENG Spenser O ENG Spincer M ENG Stanley R AUS Stanley S ENG Stanley S AUS Stanley S Stella R ENG Stella S Stella S AUS Stephanus Q SA Stephen J ENG Stephen N ENG Stephen O ENG Stephen P ENG Stephen S AUS Stephen S USA Steven N ENG Steven T ENG Surinea N ENG Susan N ENG Susan N USA Susan O USA Susan O ENG Susan P USA Susan P ENG Susan Q ENG Susan Q USA Susan R USA Susan T ENG Susan T USA Susana N ENG Susanna L FIN Susanna N ENG Susanna N SA Susanna O ENG Susanna O SA Susanna P ENG Susanna P SA Susanna Q ENG Susannah L ENG Susannah M ENG Susannah N ENG Susannah O ENG Susannah P ENG Susannah Q AUS Susannah Q ENG Susara Q SA Sydney Q ENG Sydney R ENG Sydney S ENG Sylvanis Q USA Sylvester P USA Sylvester R USA Sylvester S USA Sylvia P ENG Sylvia Q ENG Sylvia R ENG T R ENG T S USA Tabitha O USA Tanya U ENG Taylor P ENG Terence R ENG Terence R WLS Terence T ENG Teresa T USA Teresea Q USA Teresia O SWI Terry T USA Thelma R USA Thelma T ENG Theodorus M SA Theodorus N SA Therese Q USA Thomas G ENG Thomas H ENG Thomas I ENG Thomas J ENG Thomas K SWI Thomas K ENG Thomas L ENG Thomas M ENG Thomas N ENG Thomas N SWI Thomas N USA Thomas O ENG Thomas O USA Thomas O SCT Thomas O SWI Thomas P USA Thomas P Thomas P AUS Thomas P ENF Thomas P ENG Thomas P SCT Thomas Q WLS Thomas Q ENG Thomas Q Thomas R Thomas R ENG Thomas R USA Thomas R WLS Thomas S USA Thomas S ENG Thomas T AUS Thomas T USA Thomasin N ENG Thomasine N ENG Thomasine O ENG Thomton O USA Thornton O USA Timothy Q AUS Timothy R Timothy R ENG Timothy S AUS Tom P USA Tom Q ENG Tom R ENG Tommasso P SWI Tracy T USA Tressie R USA Unknown J ENG Unknown K ENG Unknown M ENG Unknown N ENG Unknown O ENG Unknown P ENG Unknown Q ENG Unknown Q USA Unknown R USA Unknown R ENG Unnamed N ENG Val T USA Valentine N ENG Valentine O ENG Valentine P ENG Valentine R ENG Vella R USA Venis R AUS Venus R AUS Vera R ENG Vera R USA Vera S ENG Vera S WLS Verginia Q USA Verl S USA Verla S USA Vernetta R USA Vernon S USA Vernon T USA Vessie R USA Vicki T USA Victor R ENG Victoria R ENG Victoria S ENG Villa S USA Viola R USA Violet Q ENG Violet R WLS Violet R ENG Violet R USA Violet S ENG Violet S USA Virgie S USA Virgil T USA Virginia R USA Vitale R USA Vivian R WLS Vivian R USA Vivian R ENG Vivienne S WLS W P ENG W Q ENG W S ENG Walker P USA Wallace S USA Walter O ENG Walter P ENG Walter Q Walter Q ENG Walter R Walter R AUS Walter R ENG Walter R USA Walter S ENG Walter S USA Walter T USA Waltina S USA Wanda S USA Watkin Q ENG Wayne S USA Wayne T ENG Wayne T AUS Wesley Q USA Wialize U SA Wilbert Q USA Wilburn S USA Wilfred R USA Wilfred S ENG Wilhelmina O SA Wilhelmina P SA Wilhelmina Q SA Willem M SA Willem Q SA Willem S SA Willem T SA Willem U SA Willetta R USA William J ENG William K ENG William L ENG William M ENG William M SCT William M William N ENG William N SCT William N USA William O IND William O USA William O AUS William O William O WLS William O ENG William P AUS William P ENG William P IND William P USA William Q William Q WLS William Q USA William Q AUS William Q ENG William R AUS William R ENG William R FRA William R USA William R WLS William S ENG William S WLS William S USA William T USA Willie R ENG Willie S USA Willis R USA Wilma S USA Winifred Q USA Winifred R ENG Winnie R ENG Wonnie Q USA Wynard N SA Wynard O SA Wynard P SA Zelma R USA Zena R ENG Zena S ENG Zenas Q ENG Zillah Q ENG Zilpha P USA

28 April 2000