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The Male Relative Name Index



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The full Minney Database is not available for searching on-line. The reason for this is due to it's size. However, I have added the following list of Male Relative names which, if succesful in your search, indicate that there is at least one record in the Minney database with further information available. The most common listing of a male relative name is father, but also includes widower, head of household, parent on marriage certificate etc. So if your search on an ancestor is fruitless, try this index if you know the name of the male relative.

There are two ways to search this index, the quickest is to use the Edit Menu (Find on this page/frame) on your browser or use the Search This Site facility to search the whole Minney site. Contact me if you need additional information after a succesful search

I have used the original spellings so if looking for a Tom Minney then search on Thomas, Tom, T. etc.

Alongside each name is a letter (GenCode). Generation codes are a useful way of 'dating' persons and placing them in their correct place in the index when age or date of birth are unknown. For example, in most family trees there are gaps in dates, the names are known but not their dates of birth. In cases like this you take a starting point where a date is known such as that person's grandson who was born in 1813. This would give the grandson a generation code 'O'. His father would then be given a generation code of 'N' and likewise the grandfather a code 'M'. Overlapping can occur so I always check one further generation when searching the index.

I have used the code devised by Frank Leeson. as follows;

A 1380-1409 B 1410-1439 C 1440-1469 D 1470-1499 E 1500-1529
F 1530-1559 G 1560-1589 H 1590-1619 I 1620-1649 J 1650-1679
K 1680-1709 L 1710-1739 M 1740-1769 N 1770-1799 O 1800-1829
P 1830-1859 Q 1860-1889 R 1890-1919 S 1920-1949 T 1950-1979
U 1980-2009

Any entries prior to 1380 then I would use -Z and work backwards.

A burial without a given age would be labelled two gencodes previous and a wedding one previous gencode before the date of the event.

If a parent is shown on the marriage certificate then I have allocated a generation code of two before the event date (ie one before son/daughter getting married). This may cause variations in generation codes used for the same person.

If the event is a burial of a child then I have used a code for that year, likewise if entry just states son or daughter then I have assumed it was a child death.

Finally, the country of the event is also shown (if given)

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Firstname(s) or initial(s), Capital letter for the GenCode, followed by two/three capital letter country code (if given)

Abraham J ENG Abraham P ENG Adrien P CAN Adrien P USA Albert Q ENG Albert Charles Q ENG Albert Charles R ENG Albert Edward S AUS Albert Edward T AUS Albert H Q USA Albert H R USA Albert Henry R Alec T ENG Alex T ENG Alexander O ENG Alexander O SCT Alfred Q ENG Alfred Herbert Q ENG Alfred Herbert R ENG Alfred Herbert S ENG Alfred Herbert S Alfred Herbert T ENG Alfred John Q ENG Andrew Q ENG Andrew R ENG Anthonie M SA Anthonie J N SA Anthony O NTH Anthony P ENG Archange P CAN Arthur Q ENG Arthur R ENG Arthur R FRA Arthur R USA Arthur S USA Arthur Joseph R Arthur Joseph R ENG Arthur Walter R ENG Arthur William P ENG Arthur William R ENG Asby L R USA Asrican O ENG Audie T USA Azrikam Q ENG Azrikan O ENG Azrikan Q ENG Azrikane P ENG Azrikane Q ENG Barend Petrus T SA Barney N USA Barney O USA Benjamin P ENG Benjamin Q ENG Benjamin R ENG Benjamin S ENG Benjamin T ENG Benjamin Fred S ENG Benjamin Fred. S ENG Benjamin Fredk S ENG Benjamin Walter S Benjamin Walter S ENG Bruce Ronald T AUS Bruce Ronald U AUS Carel J H P SA Carel Johannes O SA Carel Johannes P SA Carl S USA Carl Johannes P SA Carolus N SA Carolus C O SA Carolus Chris. N SA Carolus Chris. O SA Charles O ENG Charles P AUS Charles P CAN Charles P ENG Charles P USA Charles Q AUS Charles Q USA Charles Q ENG Charles S AUS Charles Alfred R ENG Charles Loxley R ENG Charles W S AUS Charles Walter S AUS Charles Walter T AUS Charles William S ENG Charley Erastus R USA Charley Erastus S USA Christopher O ENG Christopher P ENG Clifford U ENG Cray S USA Daniel K ENG Daniel L ENG Daniel L USA Daniel M ENG Daniel M USA Daniel N USA Daniel O ENG Daniel O USA Daniel P ENG Daniel P IOM Daniel P USA Daniel Q ENG Daniel Q USA Daniel T USA Daniel Harifs N ENG Daniel Mason P USA Daniel Mason Q USA Daniell K ENG David P ENG David Q ENG David R ENG David T ENG David U ENG Delmar Arnold T USA Denon S USA Denzil T USA Dirk L SA Dirk M SA Dominic P USA Dominic Q USA Earl S USA Ebeneezer J. Q ENG Ebenezeer R ENG Ebenezer N ENG Ebenezer O ENG Ebenezer P ENG Ebenezer Q Ebenezer Q ENG Ebenezer J Q ENG Edmund Duane T USA Edsel Lee T USA Edward K ENG Edward P ENG Edward Vincent S ENG Edward Vincent T ENG Edwin P ENG Edwin Lee T USA Elwood Glen S USA Ephraim H. Q USA Era Wayne R USA Era Wayne S USA Eric S ENG Eric Ernest S ENG Eric Ernest T ENG Ernest Q ENG Ernest R Ernest R AUS Ernest S ENG Ernest Edwin S Ernest Edwin S ENG Ernest T. Q USA Ernest T. R USA Ervan S USA Eugene Lee T USA Exavier Q USA Ezekial O ENG Ezekial P ENG Ezekial Q ENG Ezekiel P ENG Ezekiel Q ENG Ezra Q USA Ezra R USA Ezra S USA Ezra Jnr T USA F P ENG Forrest Don T USA Francis K ENG Francis O ENG Francis Q ENG Francis Q SCT Francis Marion P USA Francis Marion Q USA Francis Marion R USA Frank Q USA Frank Alfred R ENG Frank Alfred S ENG Frank W R AUS Fred P ENG Fred Q ENG Fred. P ENG Fred. Q ENG Frederick Q ENG Frederick R ENG Frederick R WLS Frederick S ENG Frederick Chas P ENG Frederick Harry O ENG Frederick James T AUS Frederick P. R ENG Frederick P. S ENG Frederik M P SA Frederik M Q SA Gabriel P CAN Gelbert J SCT Geoffrey Q ENG George N ENG George O ENG George O USA George P USA George P AUS George P ENG George Q USA George Q SA George Q ENG George Q George Q AUS George R AUS George R ENG George A. Q ENG George Abraham Q ENG George Abraham R ENG George Albert R George Albert S George Albert S ENG George Edwin R USA George H P ENG George H Q ENG George H. Q ENG George Henry T USA George P. O USA George P. P USA George Patrick R ENG George Patrick S ENG George Patrick T ENG George Philson R USA George Sinclair R AUS George William Q ENG Gerard P NTH Gerard Q NTH H B T USA H.F.H Q ENG H.F.H. P ENG H.F.H. Q ENG Hans Willem L SA Hans Willem M SA Harold S AUS Harold Charles R ENG Harry O ENG Harry P ENG Harry Q ENG Harry R ENG Harry Brewster Q USA Harry Brewster R USA Harry Samuel P ENG Harry Samuel Q ENG Harry Samuel R Harry Samuel R ENG Harry Samuel S ENG Harry Thomas Q ENG Harry Thomas R ENG Henery O ENG Henery P ENG Henery Q ENG Henry L ENG Henry M ENG Henry N ENG Henry O ENG Henry O USA Henry P USA Henry P ENG Henry Q ENG Henry Jacob Q ENG Henry Louis R USA Henry N. Q USA Herbert P ENG Herbert Q ENG Herbert R Herbert R ENG Herbert Edgar Q SA Herbert Edgar Q AUS Herbert Edgar R SA Herbert Edgar R AUS Herbert Harold Q ENG Hez P ENG Horace Geo. S USA Horace George S USA Howard C S Howard Clifton S AUS Howard Randal T USA Ira Q USA Ira R USA Ira S USA Ira Renis S USA Ira Renis T USA Isaac N ENG Isaac O ENG Isaac P AUS Isaac P ENG Isaac Q AUS Isaac Sutton P AUS Isaac Sutton Q Isaac Sutton Q AUS J. O ENG Jabez P ENG Jabez Q ENG Jabez R ENG Jabez Ephraim P ENG Jabez Henry R ENG Jack Q ENG Jack Bernard R ENG Jacob P USA Jacob P ENG Jacob Q ENG Jacobus Petrus N SA James K ENG James L ENG James M ENG James O AUS James O ENG James P USA James P ENG James Q ENG James Q SCT James Q USA James R AUS James R ENG James Harry R USA James Harry S USA James Henry Q USA James Terrence T AUS James Thomas P ENG James Thomas Q ENG James Thomas R ENG James William Q ENG Jan W O SA Jan Willem N SA Jan Willem O SA Jan Willem S SA Jan Willem J P SA Janos S HUN Jean L SA Jean Gespar K FRA Jean Willem L SA Jeffery M ENG Jeffery N ENG Jeffery O ENG Jeffery P AUS Jeffery P ENG Jeffery P Jeffery Q ENG Jeremiah Jacob P USA Jeremiah Jacob Q USA Jeremiah Jacob R USA Jeremiah Robert Q USA Jeremiah Robert R USA Jesse S USA Jim S AUS Joe Cephas S USA Johann P PRU Johannes M SA Johannes O NTH Johannes C M SA Johannes C N SA Johannes C O SA Johannes Carol. M SA Johannes Carol. N SA John I ENG John J ENG John K ENG John L ENG John M ENG John N ENG John N USA John O ENG John O USA John P ENG John P WLS John P AUS John P IND John P USA John Q AUS John Q ENG John Q USA John Q WLS John R USA John R AUS John R ENG John S SCT John S AUS John S ENG John George Q John George Q AUS John George R AUS John H P ENG John H Q ENG John Henry S ENG John Henry S John Johnson P ENG John Patrick Fr S AUS John Rignold R AUS John Rignold S AUS John Wallace S USA Johne Q USA Jonathan L ENG Jonathan O USA Jonathan Gideon Q USA Jonathan Gideon R USA Jonathan S P USA Jonathan S Q USA Jonathan S. P USA Jonathon F Q USA Jonathon F. P USA Joseph H ENG Joseph N ENG Joseph O SCT Joseph O ENG Joseph P USA Joseph P NZ Joseph P ENG Joseph P AUS Joseph Q AUS Joseph Q ENG Joseph R Joseph R AUS Joseph R ENG Joseph S AUS Joseph Hoyt T USA Joseph P P USA Joseph Rubyn R IND Joseph Rubyn R Joseph Thomas Q Joseph Thomas Q ENG Joseph Thomas R ENG Keith U AUS Kenneth T ENG Kenneth P T AUS Kenneth Wm John R ENG Lambert Q USA Laurence P ENG Lawrence Chas Q ENG Lawrence Chas R ENG Leendert O NTH Lennie R ENG Lenny Q ENG Leonard S Leopold P ENG Leopold Q ENG Leslie Vessie S USA Lewis S ENG Lewis S USA Lloyd Curtis T USA Louis N Q USA Malachi P ENG Mark Curtis T USA Mason P ENG Matheus N PRU Mathew O ENG Mathew Q USA Mathias Q USA Meredith Matt. T USA Michael N USA Michael O USA Michael Q ENG Moses O ENG Nathan Q ENG Nicholas Q USA Nicolaas W B S SA Nicolaas Willem U SA Odell S USA Oliver S ENG Orval H. S USA Orval H. T USA Oye R USA Oye S USA Paterick O ENG Paul I ENG Percy S ENG Percy Frederick S ENG Percy Herbert R Percy Herbert S Percy Herbert S ENG Peter L USA Peter M USA Peter O ENG Peter P ENG Peter Q USA Peter Q ENG Peter R HUN Philip John P ENG Piere I ENG Pierre I ENG Randy Graves T USA Raymond John R USA Raymond Lawton S USA Ressie S USA Ressie T USA Richard G ENG Richard H ENG Richard L ENG Richard M ENG Richard N ENG Richard Q AUS Richard R ENG Richard Clark S USA Richard Clark T USA Robert M ENG Robert N ENG Robert N SCT Robert O ENG Robert P AUS Robert P ENG Robert R USA Robert R Robert R AUS Robert Glen T USA Rodney Curtis S USA Roger Harold T USA Rollie R ENG Romeo O ENG Romeo P ENG Romeo Q ENG Rubeigh S ENG Rubyn James Q IND S S IND Samuel M ENG Samuel N ENG Samuel O Samuel O ENG Samuel O IND Samuel P ENG Samuel P IND Samuel Q ENG Samuel James P ENG Samuel James Q ENG Shirley Darrell T USA Sidney R ENG Sidney S ENG Sidney T ENG Sidney Fred. G. S ENG Sidney Fred. G. T ENG Sidney Harry R ENG Simon L ENG Spence S AUS Spencer M ENG Spencer N ENG Spencer O ENG Spencer P ENG Spencer Q ENG Spenser O ENG Spenser P ENG Stephen J ENG Stephen N ENG Stephen O ENG Sydney Q ENG Sylvanis Blaine R USA Sylvester David P USA Sylvester David Q USA Sylvester David R USA Sylvester David S USA Sylvestor David S USA T P USA Theodorus C N SA Thomas H ENG Thomas J ENG Thomas K ENG Thomas L ENG Thomas M ENG Thomas N ENG Thomas O ENG Thomas O USA Thomas P USA Thomas P SCT Thomas P ENG Thomas Q SCT Thomas Q ENG Thomas R ENG Thomas George S Thomas Hunter O ENG Thomas James P ENG Thomas Joseph P ENG Thomas Joseph Q ENG Thomas Virgene T USA Thornton N USA Thornton O USA Tom Q USA unknown O ENG Unknown R ENG unnamed N ENG Valentine O ENG Valentine P ENG Valentine Q ENG Vernon Gerald T USA Vessie S USA Walter P Walter Charles P ENG Walter Charles Q ENG Walter Charles R ENG Walter Dale T USA Walter Henry Q ENG Walter Stanley S ENG Wiliam O ENG Willem D T SA Willem Diederik T SA Willem Diedrick R SA Willem Schalk U SA William J ENG William K ENG William L ENG William M ENG William N SCT William N ENG William O ENG William O AUS William P ENG William Q AUS William Q ENG William Q USA William R AUS William R ENG William A P ENG William C. O USA William C. P USA William Derrick R ENG William Handf'd Q ENG William Herbert P ENG William Herbert Q ENG William Herbert R ENG William Hubert R ENG Wynand Fredrik Q SA Wynand Frerik P SA Xavier Q USA

28 April 2000