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The full Minney Database is not available for searching on-line. The reason for this is due to it's size. However, I have added the following list of Places to be found in the full database.

There are two ways to search this index, the quickest is to use the Edit Menu (Find on this page/frame) on your browser or use the Search This Site facility to search the whole Minney site. Contact me if you need additional information after a succesful search

Places can mean a county (particulaly in the USA records), church or registration district in addition to a town, village or parish. Street names are not included.

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Place; followed by two/three letter county/state code (if given); finally a two/three letter country code (if given)

Abbey Dore HEF ENG Abbotsford NSW AUS Aberdeen ABD SCT Aberdeen Saint Nicholas ABD SCT Abergavenny MON WLS Abingdon BRK ENG Abingdon St Nicholas BRK ENG Abingdon, St Helens BRK ENG Abingdon, St Nicholas BRK ENG Adalaide SAU AUS Adams PEN USA Adelaide SAU AUS Ahmadnager IND Alberton SAU AUS Alconbury HUN ENG Alconbury Cum Weston HUN ENG Alderton GLS ENG Alexandria VIR USA Allahabad BEN IND Allegan MIC USA Almeley HEF ENG Alnwick NBL ENG Alton HAM ENG Altrincham CHS ENG Alverstoke HAM ENG Amersham BKM ENG Amesbury WIL ENG Ampthill BDF ENG Arlesey BDF ENG Ashby De La Zouch LEI ENG Ashton LAN ENG Ashton Under Lyne LAN ENG Aspley Guise BDF ENG Aston WAR ENG Auboue-Et-Moutiers MEU FRA Auburn CLF USA Auchterless ABD SCT Auckland NZ Axbridge SOM ENG Aylsham Coslary NFK ENG Bakewell DBY ENG Balaklava SAU AUS Banbury OXF ENG Banff BAN SCT Bar-Le-Duc MES FRA Barnstaple DEV ENG Barrow in Furness LAN ENG Barton ??? ENG Barton LAN ENG Barton Coggles LIN ENG Barton Regis GLS ENG Barton Upon Irwell LAN WLS Barton Upon Irwell LAN ENG Basford NTT ENG Bath SOM ENG Battersea LND ENG Bay MIC USA Bay City, Bay MIC USA Beachworth VIC AUS Bedford NTH ENG Bedford BDF WLS Bedford BDF ENG Bedford County PAN USA Bedford County PEN USA Bedford County OHO USA Bedford St Cuthbert BDF ENG Bedford St Mary BDF ENG Bedford St Paul BDF ENG Bedford St Peter BDF ENG Bedford St Peters BDF ENG Bedford Union Workhouse BDF ENG Bedminster SOM ENG Beenham BRK ENG Bellie MOR SCT Belmont OHO USA Belmont County OHO USA Berhampore IND Berhampore BEN IND Bermondsey St John etc LND ENG Bermondsey St Mary etc LND ENG Berwick NBL ENG Bethel Township NJY USA Bethel Township PEN USA Bethnal Green LND ENG Bethnal Green St Matthew LND ENG Bidogno TIC SWI Bierton BKM ENG Biggleswade BDF ENG Biggleswade BDF WLS Bigglewade BDF ENG Bindersville, Adams PEN USA Birkenhead CHS ENG Birkinhead LAN ENG Birmingham WAR ENG Birmingham South WAR ENG Birmingham St Martin WAR ENG Birmingham St Philips WAR ENG Bishopsgate St Botolph LND ENG Blackett NSW AUS Blenheim ont CAN Bloemfontein SA Bloomsbury ??? ENG Bodmin CON ENG Bolton LAN ENG Bolton le Moors LAN ENG Boonville, Cooper MIS USA Borehamwood HRT ENG Bourn LIN ENG Bowden SAU AUS Brackley NTH ENG Braddon IOM Bradfield BRK ENG Bradford YKS ENG Bradford on Avon WIL ENG Bramshot HAM ENG Bredbury CHS ENG Brentford MDX ENG Brentford MDX WLS Brest FRA Bridgend GLA ENG Bridgend GLA WLS Brighton SSX ENG Brinnington CHS ENG Bristol GLS ENG Brixton Hill LND ENG Brixworth NTH ENG Brompton LND ENG Brompton MDX ENG Brompton By Northallerton YKS ENG Bromsgrove WOR ENG Brooklyn NYK USA Brusio GRA SWI Buckingham BKM ENG Bucklebury BRK ENG Buckley CHS ENG Budapest PES HUN Bulmer YKS ENG Bulwell NTT ENG Burford OXF ENG Burnley LAN ENG Burton STS ENG Burton Latimer NTH ENG Burwood NSW AUS Bury LAN ENG Bushey HRT ENG Butler Township, Adams PEN USA Caddington BDF ENG Calcutta BEN IND Calhoun County WVI USA Camberwell LND ENG Camberwell SRY ENG Camberwell St Giles LND ENG Cambridge CAM ENG Camden NSW AUS Campbelltown NSW AUS Canterbury KEN ENG Cardiff GLA WLS Cardiff St John GLA WLS Cardigan CGN WLS Cardington BDF ENG Cardington Cotton End Ind BDF ENG Carlton BDF ENG Castle Ashby NTH ENG Cedar Rapids, Linn IOW USA Chandansi BEN IND Chatteris CAM ENG Cheadle CHS ENG Cheadle STS ENG Chelsea LND ENG Chelsea MDX ENG Cheshunt HRT ENG Chester Le Street DUR ENG Chester- Le- Street DUR ENG Chesterfield DBY ENG Chesterfield DBY ENF Chesterfield Township NJY USA Childrey BRK ENG Chillicothe OHO USA Chillicothe, Ross OHO USA Chiswick LND ENG Chiswick MDX ENG Chorley LAN ENG Chorlton LAN ENG Cirencester GLS ENG Cirey-Sur-Vezouse MEU FRA City LND ENG Civil, Eschweiler Stadt RHE PRU Clackmannan CLK SCT Clanfield HAM ENG Clapham Holy Trinity SRY ENG Clarendon SAU AUS Clark OHO USA Clarksburg WVI USA Clarksville, Johnson Co ARK USA Clay Cross DBY ENG Cleobury Mortimer SAL ENG Clerkenwell LND ENG Clewer BRK ENG Clifton BDF ENG Clifton GLS ENG Clifton Reynes BKM ENG Clinton Township NJY USA Clunbury SAL ENG Cobham SRY ENG Coburg VIC AUS Codicote HRT ENG Colchester ESS ENG Colchester ONT CAN Cold Brayfield BKM ENG Colesburg Huwelikshof SA Collingwood VIC AUS Colmworth BDF ENG Conchan IOM ENG Conde-Sur-L'Escaut NOR FRA Conington HUN ENG Cooper MIS USA Cooper County MIS USA Cople BDF ENG Corbridge NBL ENG Cornhill St Peter LND ENG Corsley WIL ENG Cotton End BDF ENG Cotton End Eastcotts BDF ENG Cotton End Independent BDF ENG Coventry WAR ENG Cowden KEN ENG Cradock SA Cranbrook KEN ENG Cranfield BDF ENG Crawford ARK USA Crewe CHS ENG Cricklade WIL ENG Cripplegate LND ENG Cripplegate St Giles LND ENG Croyden SRY ENG Croydon SRY ENG Cuckfield SSX ENG Culsalmond ABD ENG Daventry NTH ENG Denton NTH ENG Denver Col USA Deptford LND ENG Deptford St Nicholas LND ENG Derby DBY ENG Derby St Peters DBY ENG Des Moines IOW USA Devonport DEV ENG Dewsbury YKS ENG Dexter MIS USA Didsbury St James LAN ENG Doddridge County VIR USA Doddridge County WVA USA Doddridge County WVI USA Doncaster YKS ENG Dordrecht ZHO NTH Dorking SRY ENG Douglas IOM Douglas St Mathews IOM Dover KEN ENG Droxford HAM ENG Drumblade ABD SCT Dry Creek SAU AUS Dukes Place St James LND ENG Dukinfield LAN ENG Dundee ANS SCT Dunstable BDF ENG Dunstable Methodist BDF ENG Duquesne PEN USA Durham DUR ENG Durham N. DUR ENG Durnford WIL ENG Duston NTH ENG Earlwood NSW AUS East Amwell Twp,Hunterdon NJY USA East Amwell, Hunterdon NJY USA East Ashford KEN ENG East Grinstead SSX ENG East Meon HAM ENG East Preston SSX ENG East Stonehouse DEV ENG Eastbourne SSX ENG Eastcotts BDF ENG Easton Maudit NTH ENG Eastwood RFW SCT Eaton Socon BDF ENG Ecclesall Bierlow YKS ENG Edinburgh MLN SCT Edinburgh Canongate MLN SCT Edinburgh Tolbooth Church MLN SCT Edmonton MDX ENG Elgin MOR SCT Ellesmere SAL ENG Eltham St John KEN ENG Elzevir ONT CAN Enfield SAU AUS Erpingham NFK ENG Essex S.W. ESS ENG Eton BKM ENG Eureka Springs Ark USA Evansville, Vanderburgh IND USA Evenley NTH ENG Eversholt BDF ENG Fairfield NSW AUS Fairfield, Jefferson IOW USA Far Cotton NTH ENG Fareham HAM ENG Farnborough BRK ENG Farnborough HAM ENG Farnham SRY ENG Fawley BRK ENG Finedon NTH ENG Finsbury LND ENG Finsbury St Luke Old St LND ENG Fitzroy NSW AUS Fitzroy VIC AUS Flamstead HRT ENG Fleet LIN ENG Foleshill WAR ENG Forest Hill KEN ENG Fort Smith Sebastion Co ARK USA Fort Smith, Sebastion Co ARK USA Fort Washington OHO USA Fort Worth, Tarrant TEX USA Frimley SRY ENG Fringford OXF ENG Froxfield WIL ENG Fulham LND ENG Fulham MDX ENG Garafraxa West ONT CAN Gateshead DUR ENG Gawler Plains SAU AUS Gede-Szarvas NOG HUN Gettysburg PEN USA Gettysburg, Adams PEN USA Gilmer WVI USA Gilmer County WVI USA Glasgow SCT Gloucester GLS ENG Godstone SRY ENG Goldington BDF ENG Gorbals LKS SCT Gosport HAM ENG Goulburn NSW AUS Gower GLA WLS Graaf Reinet SA Graaff Reinet SA Gray Ridge MIS USA Great Barford BDF ENG Great Barford All Saints BDF ENG Great Staughton HUN ENG Greene County PEN USA Greenock RFW SCT Greenville, Hudson NJY USA Greenwich LND ENG Greenwich St Alphage KEN ENG Grendon NTH ENG Grimsby YKS ENG Grinton YKS ENG Groton, Tomkins NYK USA Guisborough YKS ENG Guy's Hospital SRY ENG Hackney LND ENG Hackney MDX ENG Hadleigh SFK ENG Hambledon SRY ENG Hambledon HAM ENG Hamilton LKS ENG Hammersmith LND ENG Hammersmith MDX ENG Hampstead LND ENG Happisburgh NFK ENG Hardingstone NTH ENG Hardwicke GLS ENG Harlington BDF ENG Harodine BDF ENG Harrison OHO USA Harrison County WVI USA Harrold BDF ENG Harrold Independent BDF ENG Hartlepool DUR ENG Hartwell NTH ENG Hastings SSX ENG Hatfield HRT ENG Havant HAM ENG Heaton Norris CHS ENG Heaton Norris LAN ENG Hemel Hempstead HRT ENG Hemel Hempstead HRT NTH Hendon MDS ENG Hendon MDX ENG Henley OXF ENG Hereford HEF ENG Hereford St Nicholas HEF ENG Hereford St Owen HEF ENG Hereford St Peter HEF ENG Hertford HRT ENG Hertford St John HRT ENG Highland OHO USA Hinckley LEI ENG Hindmarsh SAU AUS Hinkley LEI ENG Hitchin HRT ENG Holborn LND ENG Holborn St Andrew MDX ENG Hollington SSX ENG Hollingworth CHS ENG Honiton DEV ENG Horsham SSX ENG Horton NTH ENG Hoxton ChristChurch LND ENG Huddersfield YKS ENG Hull YKS ENG Hungerford BRK ENG Hunslett YKS ENG Hunterdon NJY USA Hunterdon County NJY USA Huntingdon HUN ENG Huron OHO USA Hutton Cranswick YKS ENG Illogan CON ENG Inkpen BRK ENG Ionia MIC USA Irchester NTH ENG Islington LND ENG Islington MDX ENG Ivanhoe NSW AUS Janesville, Rock WIS USA Jefferson KAN USA Johnson County ARK USA Kaap Kolonie SA Kaapstad SA Katholisch, Euren RHE PRU Katwijk Aan Zee ZHO NTH Keighley YKS ENG Keighly YKS ENG Keith BAN SCT Kemerton GLS ENG Kempston BDF ENG Kempston All Saints BDF ENG Kempston Green End BDF ENG Kendal WES ENG Kendel WES ENG Kensington LND ENG Kensington MDX ENG Kerekhegy MAR HUN Kettering NTH ENG Kettering Gt Meeting Ind. NTH ENG Keysoe BDF ENG Kilburn LND ENG Kilmarnock AYR SCT Kings Cliffe NTH ENG Kings Langley HRT ENG Kings Langley HRT NTH Kings Norton WOR ENG Kings Sutton NTH ENG Kingsbridge DEV ENG Kingston SRY ENG Kingston Upon Hull YKS ENG Kinnoul PER SCT Knebworth HRT ENG Knowlton, Warren NJY USA Kroonstad SA Kroonstad OFS SA Lafayette, Montgomery VIR USA Laihia VAA FIN Lakemba NSW AUS Lamar, Johnson Co ARK USA Lambeth LND ENG Lambeth LND WLS Lambeth SRY ENG Lambourne BRK ENG Lancaster LAN ENG Lasswade MLN SCT Lavendon BKM ENG Leavenworth County KAN USA Lebanon Township NJY USA Lebanon, Johnson Co ARK USA Leeds YKS ENG Leeds North YKS ENG Leicester LEI Leicester LEI ENG Lenawee MIC USA Leobschuetz SCH PRU Leominster HEF ENG Lewisham LND ENG Lewisham St Saviours LND ENG Leyland LAN ENG Lincoln GEO USA Lincoln St Peter Eastgate LIN ENG Lindsay Town ONT CAN Little Dowsby LIN ENG Little Hinton WIL ENG Little Houghton NTH ENG Little Staughton BDF ENG Liverpool LAN ENG Liverpool N. LAN ENG Liverpool S LAN ENG Liverpool S. LAN ENG Liverpool South LAN ENG Liverpool St Nicholas LAN ENG Liverpool St Peter LAN ENG Llanelly CMN WLS Logie-Pert ANS SCT London LND ENG London City LND ENG London St Sepulchre LND ENG Long Buckby NTH ENG Lucknow IND Luton BDF ENG Luton Christ Church BDF ENG Luton ChristChurch BDF ENG Luton Methodist BDF ENG Luton St Mary BDF ENG Luton St Marys BDF ENF Luton St Marys BDF ENG Luton Wesleyan Chapel BDF ENG Madras IND Maidstone KEN ENG Maldon VIC AUS Malmesbury WIL ENG Manchester LAN ENG Manchester Cathedral LAN ENG Manchester S. LAN ENG Manchester South LAN ENG Manningham YKS ENG Manningtree Ess ENG Mannintree ess ENG Marcham BRK ENG Marine City, St Clair MIC USA Marion TEX USA Marion County WVI USA Market Harborough LEI ENG Marylebone LND ENG Marylebone MDX ENG McLean, Tomkins NYK USA McLean, Tompkins NYK USA McLouth KAN USA Mcminn Co TEN USA Melbourne NSW AUS Melbourne VIC AUS Melbourne East VIC AUS Melton Mowbray LEI ENG Meteghan NOS USA Meteghan, Digby NOS CAN Mid Glamorgan GLA WLS Mile End LND ENG Mile End MDX ENG Mile End Old Town LND ENG Mile End+ MDX ENG Millbrook BDF ENG Millbury MAS USA Millbury, Worcester MAS USA Mitcham SRY ENG Mogerhanger BDF ENG Monks Coppenhall CHS ENG Monmouth NJY USA Monongalia County VIR USA Monongalia County WVI USA Monroe OHO USA Morgantown, Monongalia WVI USA Morgantown, Monongolia WVI USA Moulsoe BKM ENG Mount Forest ONT CAN Mt Druitt NSW AUS Murrumburrah NSW AUS N E Cheshire CHS ENG Nailsworth SAU AUS Nantawarra SAU AUS Nantwich CHS ENG Narellan NSW AUS Neath GLA WLS New Fenlake, Eastcotts BDF ENG New Hanover Township NJY USA New York NYK USA New York City NYK USA Newbury BRK ENG Newcastle NBL ENG Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL ENG Newhaven SSX ENG Newington LND ENG Newport ENG Newport ??? ENG Newport Pagnell BKM ENG Newport Pagnell Wesleyan BKM ENG Newton CHS ENG Newton Abbot DEV ENG North Adalaide SAU AUS North Adelaide SAU AUS North Bierley YKS ENG North Bucks BKM ENG North Fitzroy NSW AUS North Fitzroy VIC AUS North Sydney NSW AUS North Wingfield DBY ENG North Witchford CAM ENG North+ South+ NBL ENG Northallerton YKS ENG Northampton NTH ENG Northampton East Ward NTH ENG Northampton St Giles NTH ENG Northampton St Lawrence NTH ENG Northampton St Sepulchre NTH ENG Northampton, St Edmunds NTH ENG Northfield NTH ENG Northill BDF ENG Northwich CHS ENG Norwich South ont CAN Norwich St Michael NFK ENG Notting Hill MDX ENG Notting Hill LND ENG Nottingham NTT ENG Nottingham St Marys NTT ENG Oakland CLF USA Offley HRT ENG Ohio WVI USA Old Monkland LKS SCT Oldham LAN ENG Olney BKM ENG Orange NSW AUS Oudenbosch NBR NTH Oundle NTH ENG Oxford OXF ENG Oxford Twp, Warren NJY USA Ozark, Franklin Co ARK USA Paarl SA Packington LEI ENG Paddington LND ENG Padstow CON ENG Paisley RFW SCT Pancras LND ENG Parkersburg,Wood County WVI USA Pateley Bridge YKS ENG Pawnee OKL USA Pemberton NJY USA Penrith CUL ENG Penrith NSW AUS Pertenhall BDF ENG Perth PER SCT Peterboro. West ONT CAN Peterborough HUN ENG Peterborough NTH ENG Peterchurch HEF ENG Peterculter ABD SCT Philadelphia PEN USA Piccadilly St James LND ENG Picton NSW AUS Pittington DUR ENG Plaistow ESS ENG Ploughley ENG Ploughly ENG Plum Township, Venango PEN USA Plum Twp, Venango PEN USA Plumstead Township, Ocean NJY USA Plumstead Twp, Ocean NJY USA Plymouth DEV ENG Pontefract YKS ENG Pontypridd GLA WLS Poonamallee MAD IND Poplar LND ENG Port Huron MIC USA Port Melbourne VIC AUS Portageville MIS USA Portsea HAM ENG Portsea Island HAM ENG Portsea St Marys HAM ENG Portsmouth HAM ENG Portsmouth HAM WLS Poschiavo GRA SWI Potchefstroom SA Potchefstrrom SA Potterspury NTH ENG Poulton Cum Seacombe CHS ENG Poynton CHS ENG Prescot CHS ENG Preston LAN ENG Preston VIC AUS Prestwich CHS ENG Prestwich LAN ENG Prittlewell ESS ENG Prospect SAU AUS Putnam OHO USA Putney SRY ENG Radway WAR ENG Raunds NTH ENG Ravensden BKM ENG Ravenstone BKM ENG Reading BRK ENG Reading St Mary BRK ENG Redruth CON ENG Regents Park LND ENG Regents Park MDX ENG Reigate SRY ENG Revo TIR OST Richland OHO USA Richmond SRY ENG Richmond SRY WLS Ridgemont BDF ENG Ridgmont BDF ENG Rijnburg ZHO NTH Rijnsburg ZHO NTH Risbridge SFK ENG Ritchie Co WVI USA Rochdale LAN ENG Romford ESS ENG Rosebud VIC AUS Rosliston DBY ENG Ross OHO USA Ross County OHO USA Rotherham YKS ENG Rotherhithe LND ENG Rotterdam ZHO NTH Round Valley NJY USA Rowley Regis STS ENG Roxton BDF ENG Royston HRT ENG Rugby WAR ENG Runcorn CHS ENG Rushden NTH ENG Ruthin DEN WLS Saddleworth SAU AUS Saint Clair, St Clair MIC USA Saint Pancras Old Church LND ENG Salcombe DEV ENG Salford BDF ENG Salford LAN ENG Salisbury WIL ENG Salisbury SAU AUS Sandy BDF ENG Scarborough YKS ENG Scaunderabad MAD IND Sculcoates YKS ENG Sedgefield DUR ENG Seekonk, Bristol MAS USA Sevenoaks KEN ENG Shalborne WIL ENG Shalford SRY ENG Shanghai CHN Sharnbrook BDF ENG Sheffield YKS ENG Shepherds Bush LND ENG Sherborne DOR ENG Sherington BKM ENG Shiprock, San Juan NME USA Shoemakerville PEN USA Shoreditch LND ENG Shoreditch MDX ENG Shoreditch St John etc LND ENG Shoreditch St Leonards LND ENG Sikeston MIS USA Sinnington YKS ENG Slaugham SSX ENG Smethwick STS ENG Smithfield NSW AUS South Fitzroy VIC AUS South Kensington MDX ENG South Shields DUR ENG Southampton HAM ENG Southwark LND ENG Southwark St George LND ENG Southwark St George SRY ENG Southwark St George etc LND ENG Southwark St Saviour LND ENG Southwark St Saviours LND ENG Southwell NTT ENG Spital BRK ENG Spitalfields MDX ENG Springdale Washington Co ARK USA St Alban+ MDX ENG St Albans HRT ENG St Austell CON ENG St Breok CON ENG St Brides LND ENG St Clair MIC USA St Columb CON ENG St Geo Hanover Square LND ENG St George East LND ENG St George Hanover Square LND ENG St George+ MDX ENG St Germans CON ENG St Giles LND ENG St Helens LAN ENG St Ives CAM ENG St Ives HUN ENG St Leonards SSX ENG St Luke LND ENG St Martin in the Fields LND ENG St Mary's ONT CAN St Marylebone LND ENG St Marylebone MDX ENG St Marylebone All Saints LND ENG St Marys NSW AUS St Merryn CON ENG St Michael Paternoster LND ENG St Neots HUN ENG St Olave Southwark LND ENG St Pancras LND ENG St Pancras MDX ENG St Pancras Old Church LND ENG St Pauls Walden HRT ENG St Saviour LND ENG St Saviour Southwark LND ENG Stagsden BDF ENG Staines MDX ENG Stainmore WES ENG Stamford LIN ENG Standerton SA Stanwick NTH ENG Stepney LND ENG Stepney St Dunstan LND ENG Steppingley BDF ENG Steppingly BDF ENG Stewartby BDF ENG Steynsrust SA Sth Shields DUR ENG Stockade SAU AUS Stockport CHS ENG Stockport St Mary CHS ENG Stockton NSW AUS Stoke Damerel DEV ENG Stoke Goldington BKM ENG Stopsley BDF ENG Stourbridge WOR ENG Strand LND ENG Stratford Upon Avon WAR ENG Stroud GLS ENG Stumptown WVI USA Stumptown, Gilmer VIR USA Stumptown, Gilmer WVI USA Summit OHO USA Sunderland DUR ENG Surrey N.E. SRY ENG Surrey S. E. SRY ENG Surrey S.E. SRY ENG Surrey S.W. SRY ENG Sutlej IND Sutton Courtney BRK ENG Sutton St Mary LIN ENG Swan Hill VIC AUS Swansea GLA WLS Swellendam SA Swellendam CAP SA Swineshead BDF ENG Sydney NSW AUS Taunton SOM ENG Temple Guiting GLS ENG Thanet KEN ENG Thorney CAM ENG Thrapston NTH ENG Threadneedle Street LND ENG Thurleigh BDF ENG Ticehurst SSX ENG Tilbrook BDF ENG Tilbury West ONT CAN Toddington BDF ENG Todmorden YKS ENG Todmorden LAN ENG Todmordon YKS ENG Todmorton YKS ENG Tonbridge KEN ENG Torrey Hill LAN ENG Totnes DEV ENG Toxteth Park LAN ENG Tranmere CHS ENG Tripassore MAD IND Tulbagh SA Tunstead NFK ENG Tuscarawas OHO USA Twin Township, Ross County OHO USA Tynemouth DUR ENG Tynemouth NBL ENG U.Walkerville SAU AUS Uffculme DEV ENG Upper Heyford OXF ENG Upton Upon Severn WOR ENG Uxbridge MDX ENG Vaasa VAA FIN Van Buren MIC USA Vanderburgh IND USA Venango PEN USA Vepery MAD IND Vital, Alsdorf Aachen RHE PRU Wadhurst SSX ENG Wahroonga NSW AUS Walsall STS ENG Wandsworth LND ENG Wantage BRK ENG Wappenham NTH ENG Ware HRT ENG Waresley HUN ENG Warrington LAN ENG Washington OHO USA Washington County ARK USA Washington County IOW USA Watford HRT ENG Wavendon BKM ENG Wellinborough NTH ENG Wellingboro NTH ENG Wellingborogh NTH ENG Wellingborough mt ENG Wellingborough NTH ENG Wendover BKM ENG West Bromwich STS ENG West Derby LAN ENG West Glamorgan GLA WLS West Ham ESS ENG West Hartlepool DUR ENG West Hatlepool DUR ENG West London LND ENG Westbourne SSX ENG Westham ESS ENG Westminster LND ENG Westminster St James LND ENG Westminster St Martin etc LND ENG Westminster St Matthews LND ENG Westminster St Paul etc LND ENG Weston Favell NTH ENG Weston on Trent DBY ENG Weston Underwood BKM ENG Wexham BKM ENG Whaplode LIN ENG Whitchurch SAL ENG Whitechapel LND ENG Whitechapel MDX ENG Whitefriar MDX ENG Whitely Township PEN USA Whittington STS ENG Wigston LEI ENG Wigton CUL ENG Wilden BDF ENG Willemstad NBR NTH Willersey GLS ENG Willesden MDX ENG Willesden MDX WLS Wilshamstead BDF ENG Winberg OFS SA Winburg SA Winchester HAM ENG Windsor BRK ENG Wirral CHS ENG Wirrall CHS ENG Witney OXF ENG Witton HUN ENG Woburn BDF ENG Woburn Sands BDF ENG Woking SRY ENG Wokingham BRK ENG Wollaston NTH ENG Wood OHO USA Wood VIR USA Wood County WVI USA Wood Green ENG Wood Green MDX ENG Woodford CHS ENG Woodford NTH ENG Woodford, Wellingborough NTH ENG Woodstock OXF ENG Woolwich LND ENG Woolwich Scots Church KEN ENG Wootton Workhouse NTH ENG Worth Valley ENG Worthing SSX ENG Wortley YKS ENG Wrestlingworth BDF ENG Wycombe BKM ENG Wythe VIR USA Wyton HUN ENG Yardley Hastings NTH ENG Yardley Hastings East NTH ENG Yardley Hastings Ind Chpl NTH ENG Yardley Hastings Ind. NTH ENG Yardley Hastings Indpdt NTH ENG Yardly Hastings NTH ENG Yeovil SOM ENG York YKS ENG York All Saints North St YKS ENG York County PEN USA Young NSW AUS

28 April 2000