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The full Minney Database is not available for searching on-line. The reason for this is due to it's size. However, I have now added the following list of second names which, if succesful in your search, indicate that there is at least one record in the Minney database with further information available. The reason for this index is that many people use a given second name at birth later on in life as their first name.

There are two ways to search this index, the quickest is to use the Edit Menu (Find on this page/frame) on your browser or use the Search This Site facility to search the whole Minney site. Contact me if you need additional information after a succesful search

I have used the original spellings so if looking for a Tom Minney then search on Thomas, Tom, T. etc.

Alongside each name is a letter (GenCode). Generation codes are a useful way of 'dating' persons and placing them in their correct place in the index when age or date of birth are unknown. For example, in most family trees there are gaps in dates, the names are known but not their dates of birth. In cases like this you take a starting point where a date is known such as that person's grandson who was born in 1813. This would give the grandson a generation code 'O'. His father would then be given a generation code of 'N' and likewise the grandfather a code 'M'. Overlapping can occur so I always check one further generation when searching the index.

I have used the code devised by Frank Leeson. as follows;

A 1380-1409 B 1410-1439 C 1440-1469 D 1470-1499 E 1500-1529
F 1530-1559 G 1560-1589 H 1590-1619 I 1620-1649 J 1650-1679
K 1680-1709 L 1710-1739 M 1740-1769 N 1770-1799 O 1800-1829
P 1830-1859 Q 1860-1889 R 1890-1919 S 1920-1949 T 1950-1979
U 1980-2009

Any entries prior to 1380 then I would use -Z and work backwards.

A burial without a given age would be labelled two gencodes previous and a wedding one previous gencode before the date of the event.

If a parent is shown on the marriage certificate then I have allocated a generation code of two before the event date (ie one before son/daughter getting married). This may cause variations in generation codes used for the same person.

If the event is a burial of a child then I have used a code for that year, likewise if entry just states son or daughter then I have assumed it was a child death.

Finally, the country of the event is also shown (if given)

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Secondname(s) or initial(s); Capital letter for the GenCode; followed by two/three capital letter country code (if given)

A O ENG A P ENG A P USA A Q ENG A R ENG A S ENG A S USA A. O ENG A. P ENG A. P USA A. Q USA A. Q ENG A. R ENG A. S ENG A. W. Q ENG A.M. R ENG A.M.B.A. R ENG A.P S ENG A.S. R ENG A.W, R ENG A.W. R ENG Abraham Q ENG Ada Q AUS Ada Q ENG Ada R ENG Adams P ENG Aden P ENG Adriana Q SA Adrianna Q SA Agnes S ENG Agnes S USA Alan T USA Albert R Albert R ENG Aldous Q ENG Alec T ENG Alec W. R ENG Aletta P SA Alex Q ENG Alexandre R ENG Alfred P ENG Alfred Q ENG Alfred R ENG Alfred Spencer R ENG Alice P AUS Alice Q USA Alice R ENG Alice S USA Allan P ENG Allen P USA Allen Q ENG Allen Q USA Allen R ENG Alphonse M. Q ENG Amelia Q ENG Amelia R ENG Andrea P SWI Andreas M SA Andreas M SWI Andreaso O SWI Andrew S ENG Angela T USA Ann N ENG Ann O USA Ann O WLS Ann O ENG Ann P AUS Ann P ENG Ann P IOM Ann P NZ Ann P USA Ann P WLS Ann P Ann Q AUS Ann Q WLS Ann Q USA Ann Q ENG Ann R Ann R ENG Ann S ENG Ann S USA Ann T ENG Ann T USA Ann E. Q ENG Ann Underwood P ENG Anna P SWI Anne N ENG Anne O ENG Anne P ENG Anne Q ENG Anne R ENG Annie P ENG Annie Q ENG Annie R ENG Annie E. R ENG Anthony T USA Antonio K SWI Antonius Aloys. N PRU Arawanna S USA Arch S USA Argentia R USA Arnold S USA Arnold T USA Arthur P AUS Arthur Q AUS Arthur Q ENG Arthur R ENG Arthur S ENG Athelee S USA Audrey R ENG Ava S USA B P ENG B R WLS B R ENG B S ENG B S USA B. Q ENG B. Q USA B. R ENG B. R WLS B. S ENG B.I. R ENG B.J R ENG B.M. R ENG Barry N ENG Barry P ENG Basel S USA Battista M SWI Beatrice Q ENG Beatrice R Beatrice R ENG Beatrice M. R ENG Beatries R ENG Bedford Q ENG Bellinger O ENG Ben R Ben Ian R ENG Benton R USA Benton S USA Bernadette S ENG Bernard Q ENG Bernard R ENG Bert Q ENG Bertha Q ENG Bertha R ENG Bertie Q ENG Blaine Q USA Brendan R WLS Brendan R ENG Brewster Q USA Bryan T USA Burdette S USA C O ENG C O USA C P USA C Q ENG C R AUS C R C S USA C. N USA C. P USA C. Q ENG C. R ENG C. S ENG C.G. S ENG C.K. R ENG C.M. Q ENG C.M. S ENG Cameron Q ENG Carl S USA Carol S USA Carolina C P SA Carolus M SA Carolus M SWI Carolus N SA Carss O ENG Catharina N SA Catharina O SA Catharina P PRU Catharina P SA Catharina J N SA Catharina P P SA Catherine O ENG Catherine Q USA Catherine R AUS Cecil R AUS Cecilia R ENG Cephas Q USA Chapman R ENG Charles P ENG Charles Q Charles Q ENG Charles R ENG Charles S ENG Charles T AUS Charles T USA Charles P R ENG Charlotte P ENG Charlotte Q ENG Chas Q ENG Cherry Munro S ENG Chris T USA Christiaan O SA Christiaan Q SA Christiaan J O SA Christiaan P P SA Christiaan P Q SA Christian J O SA Christiana R ENG Christianus N SA Christina L SA Christina M SA Christina N SA Christina P SA Christina Jace P SA Christoffel Q SA Christopher Q ENG Church Q ENG Clara Q ENG Clara R ENG Clarinda Q USA Clark S USA Clavel S USA Clifton R AUS Coke O ENG Collins P ENG Collins T USA Conrad T USA Constance R ENG Constance M. Q ENG Cornelia M SA Cornelia O SA Cornelia F Q SA Cornelis M SA Cornelis N SA Craig T USA Cunningham M ENG Curtis S USA Curtis Jr T USA D P SCT D R ENG D. O ENG D. P USA D. R ENG D. S ENG D. S WLS D.J. S ENG Dale S USA Dale T USA Dalton S USA Daniel P IOM Daniel R USA Danyell T USA Darby R USA Darlene T USA Darrell S USA Darrell T USA David P USA David R ENG David R USA David S USA David T USA David T ENG Davidson R ENG Davis P ENG Dean S USA Dean T USA Deletha Q USA Delmur Q USA Derrick R ENG Dianne T USA Diederick S SA Diederick U SA Diederik Q SA Diederik T SA Don S USA Doreen R ENG Doreen T ENG Douglas S ENG Duane S USA Dwight Q USA E O USA E P ENG E P USA E Q ENG E Q USA E R ENG E S ENG E S USA E S CHN E. P USA E. P ENG E. Q ENG E. Q USA E. Q WLS E. R ENG E. S ENG E.B. S ENG E.E. Q ENG E.H. S ENG E.J. R ENG E.K. S ENG E.L. R ENG E.M. S ENG Edgar Q AUS Edgar Q ENG Edgar Q SA Edgar R AUS Edith R Edith R AUS Edmonds P ENG Edmund Q ENG Edmund R ENG Edmunds P ENG Edna R USA Edna May R ENG Edward Q ENG Edward Q USA Edward R AUS Edward R ENG Edward S ENG Edward T USA Edwin Q ENG Edwin Q USA Edwin R ENG Edwin R Eileen S USA Elaine T USA Elbeth Q ENG Elder O USA Elder P USA Eleanor R AUS Elesebeth R ENG Elijah S USA Elisabeth N SA Elisabeth O SA Eliz.Anton.Este N PRU Eliza N ENG Eliza P ENG Eliza Q ENG Elizabeth O ENG Elizabeth O SA Elizabeth P ENG Elizabeth P SA Elizabeth Q Elizabeth Q ENG Elizabeth Q USA Elizabeth R Elizabeth R AUS Elizabeth R ENG Elizabeth Elsie Q ENG Elizabeth M M P SA Elizabth Q ENG Ellen N ENG Ellen P USA Ellen P ENG Ellen Q ENG Ellen Q USA Ellen Q WLS Ellen R ENG Ellen R USA Ellen T AUS Elmer Q USA Elsie Q ENG Elsie R ENG Emile J. P ENG Emily Q ENG Emily R ENG Emma P ENG Emma Q ENG Emma R ENG Emma E. Q ENG Emma Elizabeth Q ENG Emma T. Q ENG Emma Theresa Q ENG Emmanuel O ENG Enrico P SWI Ephraim P Ephraim P ENG Ephraim Q ENG Ephraim R ENG Erastus R USA Eric R ENG Ernest Q ENG Ernest R Ernest R AUS Ernest S Ernest S ENG Esther Q ENG Ethal Q ENG Ethel Q ENG Ethel Q Eugene T USA Eva Q ENG Eva R USA Eva S USA Eveline Q ENG Eveline R ENG Evelyn Q ENG Evelyn R ENG Evelyn R Ezra T USA F O USA F O F R AUS F R FRA F R USA F S ENG F. P ENG F. Q ENG F. R WLS F. R USA F. R ENG F. S ENG F. H P ENG F.C. S ENG F.E. S ENG F.H. S ENG Flora E. R ENG Florence Q ENG Florence Q USA Florence R USA Florence R ENG Foster R AUS Frances R ENG Francina O SA Francis Q ENG Francis R USA Francis R ENG Francis S AUS Francis S Frank R ENG Frank S ENG Franklin S USA Fred R ENG Fred S ENG Fred G. R ENG Freda R WLS Frederic P CAN Frederica N SA Frederick P ENG Frederick Q ENG Frederick R AUS Frederick R ENG Frederick S Frederick S ENG Frederick Geo. R ENG Frederik Q SA Fredica N FIN Fredk. George R ENG Fredrik N SA Fredrik O SA Fredrik P SA Freeman P ENG French P ENG French Q USA G Q ENG G R ENG G S ENG G S AUS G. Q ENG G. Q USA G. R ENG G. S ENG G.J R ENG G.J. R ENG Garrett N ENG Garrett P ENG Gaye T USA Gaynelle S USA Geertruyd M SA Gene S USA George N ENG George O ENG George P AUS George P CAN George P ENG George Q ENG George R George R ENG George R USA George S George S ENG George S USA George C. P ENG George S. R ENG Gerald S USA Gerald T USA Gerhardus P SA Gertrude P ENG Gertrude Q ENG Gertrude R ENG Gertrude S ENG Gertrude S Gertrude K. R ENG Gertruida Q SA Gideon Q USA Gladys R Gladys R AUS Gladys R ENG Glen R USA Glen S USA Glen T USA Godfrey Q ENG Grace P ENG Grace R ENG Graves S USA Guy S USA H O USA H P ENG H Q ENG H Q USA H R ENG H R USA H S ENG H S USA H S H A Q ENG H J Q ENG H. O USA H. P ENG H. P USA H. Q ENG H. Q WLS H. Q USA H. R ENG H. R WLS H. S ENG H.D. Q ENG H.F. R ENG H.H. R ENG H.J R ENG H.K. R ENG H.L. R ENG H.N. R ENG H.P S ENG H.R. R ENG H.S. R ENG Haden Q ENG Handford R ENG Hanley O ENG Hannah O ENG Hannah P ENG Hannah Q ENG Hannah R ENG Hannah C. A. Q ENG Harold Q ENG Harold R AUS Harold R ENG Harold S USA Harold T USA Harold II T USA Harriet P ENG Harriet Q ENG Harriet R Harriet R ENG Harry P ENG Harry Q ENG Harry R USA Harry K. R ENG Harry King Q ENG Harry King R ENG Helena O SA Hendrik O SA Hendrik Jacobus Q SA Henry P ENG Henry P IND Henry P USA Henry Q ENG Henry Q USA Henry Q WLS Henry R Henry R ENG Henry R WLS Henry Augustus P ENG Henry F. R ENG Henry L. R ENG Herbert Q ENG Herbert R Herbert R ENG Herbert S Herbert S ENG Herbert D. R ENG Hermanus Q SA Hilda R ENG Hindrichsdr L FIN Howard R ENG Howard S AUS Howard S ENG Hoyt S USA Hubert R ENG I Q ENG I R ENG I. R ENG I. S ENG I.G. S ENG Ina T USA Irene R ENG Iris S USA Irma R USA Isabella P ENG Isadore A. Q ENG Ishmael O ENG Islip O ENG J P ENG J P USA J Q J Q USA J Q AUS J Q ENG J R ENG J S J S ENG J S WLS J. P USA J. P ENG J. Q WLS J. Q USA J. Q ENG J. R ENG J. R WLS J. S ENG J. T ENG J.E. S ENG J.M S ENG J.M. R ENG J.T.A. R WLS J.W. Q ENG Jacob P ENG Jacob P USA Jacob Q ENG Jacoba Q SA Jacobs Q ENG Jacobus O SA Jacobus P SA Jacobus Q SA Jacobus Bened. L SWI Jacobus J Q SA Jacobus Willem P SA James N ENG James O ENG James P ENG James Q ENG James R James R ENG James R IND James S AUS Jamieson O ENG Jane N ENG Jane O USA Jane P ENG Jane P IOM Jane Q AUS Jane Q USA Jane Q ENG Jane R Jane R ENG Jane R USA Jane R WLS Jane S USA Jane T ENG Janet S USA Jas R ENG Jeam S USA Jean S Jean S AUS Jean S ENG Jean S USA Jean T USA Jeffery Q ENG Jesina N SA Jesse P ENG Jessy N ENG Jo T USA Joan S AUS Joan S USA Joan T AUS Joe T USA Johanna N SA Johanna O SA Johannaus P SA Johannes M SA Johannes O SA Johannes P SA Johannes Q SA Johannes H N SA Johannes H O SA Johannes H P SA Johannes H Q SA Johannes Petrus P SA Johannes Swart R SA John O ENG John P ENG John Q AUS John Q ENG John Q USA John R AUS John R ENG John B. R ENG John C. Q ENG John E. R ENG John T. A. R WLS Jones Q USA Jones R ENG Joseph K FRA Joseph N FRA Joseph O PRU Joseph P PRU Joseph P USA Joseph P ENG Joseph Q Joseph Q ENG Joseph R Joseph R AUS Joseph S Joseph S ENG Joseph Kimpton Q ENG Josepha Emerent N PRU Josephine S USA Joshua U AUS Josina N SA Joyce R AUS Joyce R ENG Joyce S ENG Julianna P ENG Jun. P ENG K Q ENG K R ENG K. R ENG K. S ENG Karol T USA Kate N ENG Kate P ENG Kate Q USA Kate R ENG Kathleen R ENG Kathleen R Kaye T USA Kezia Q ENG L P ENG L P USA L Q ENG L R USA L S L S ENG L. P ENG L. Q ENG L. R ENG L. S ENG L. S WLS L.J. S ENG Lane O ENG Laura N. R ENG Laura Nellie R ENG Laurence P ENG Laverda S USA Laverna Q USA Lavinia Q ENG Law Q ENG Lawton R USA Leduc Q ENG Leduc Q USA Lee Q USA Lee R USA Lee S USA Lee T USA Lemuel Q USA Leon S USA Leonard R AUS Leonard R ENG Leroy Q USA Leroy S USA Letitia O ENG Levina P USA Lewis P USA Lewis Q ENG Lilian R ENG Lilian S ENG Lilley P ENG Lillian S ENG Lilly P ENG Lily R ENG Linn T USA Lizzie Q USA Lloyd S USA Lodewyk Q SA Loretta R USA Lorraine S AUS Lou S USA Lou T USA Louis P USA Louisa P ENG Louisa Q ENG Louisa Q USA Louisa R ENG Louisa H. Q ENG Louise Q ENG Louise Q USA Louise S USA Louise T USA Louiza Q ENG Lovena Q ENG Loxley P ENG Loxley Q ENG Lucille R USA Lucille S USA Lydia P ENG Lydia Q ENG Lynn T USA M P USA M Q ENG M Q M R ENG M R WLS M S ENG M. Q ENG M. Q USA M. Q WLS M. R ENG M. R WLS M. S WLS M. S ENG M. B. Q ENG M.A. S ENG M.B. Q ENG M.B. R WLS M.E. Q ENG M.G. R ENG M.L. Q ENG M.W. S ENG Mabel R ENG Mae S USA Magdalena O USA Magdalena P SA Magdalena A Q SA Maggeline S USA Mapsell P ENG Margaret N SCT Margaret P ENG Margaret S AUS Margaret S ENG Margherita P SWI Maria L SA Maria M SA Maria N ENG Maria N SA Maria N SWI Maria O SA Maria O ENG Maria P ENG Maria P SA Maria Q ENG Maria Q SA Maria E N SA Maria Elisabeth N SA Maria Francisca N PRU Maria Josina N SA Maria M. Q ENG Maria Theresia N PRU Marie O ENG Marie T USA Marie C. Q ENG Marion P USA Marjorie T USA Mark T ENG Marriott O. P ENG Martha O ENG Martha Q ENG Martha R ENG Marthinus O SA Marthinus P SA Marthinus Q SA Martin S USA Martin U ENG Mary P ENG Mary Q ENG Mary R ENG Mary R WLS Mary R AUS Mary S Mary S AUS Mary S ENG Mary T ENG Mary B. Q ENG Mary Barnett Q Mary Barnett Q ENG Mason P USA Matild Q ENG Matilda Q ENG Matilda R ENG Matthew S USA Mattie S USA Maud P ENG Maud Q Maud Q AUS Maud Q ENG Maud R Maud R WLS Maud R ENG Maude P ENG Maude Q ENG Mavourneen S AUS May Q ENG May Q USA May R AUS May R ENG May R May R WLS May S May S ENG May S USA May B. R WLS May C. Q ENG May Clayson Q ENG Mayfield R AUS McMillan Q ENG Mead P ENG Meriah N ENG Mervyn R AUS Michael R ENG Michael T ENG Millicent R ENG Miney Q ENG Minna Q ENG Minney Freeman P ENG Minnie Q ENG Minnie R ENG Miranda E. R ENG Murray Q ENG Murray R ENG Murtle Q USA Myrtle R. R ENG N Q USA N. R ENG N. S ENG N. M. S ENG Napoleon P USA Nellie R ENG Newton Q ENG Nicolas P ENG Nora R ENG Norah R ENG Norman S USA O Q ENG O S USA O. R ENG Oren S USA Orval S USA Oscar R ENG Owen T ENG P O P O USA P Q ENG P R ENG P R P S AUS P S ENG P. O USA P. P USA P. Q ENG P. R ENG P. S ENG P.M. R WLS Patience Q ENG Patience R ENG Patrick R ENG Patrick S AUS Patrick Francis S AUS Paul S USA Paul T ENG Pearl R AUS Pedit O ENG Pennyburg Q ENG Pennyburg R ENG Pepit O ENG Percy R ENG Percy S Percy S ENG Peter T ENG Petro K SWI Petrus N SA Petrus O SA Petrus P SA Petrus S SA Petrus Christ. P SA Philson Q USA Phoebe P USA Phoebe R ENG Phyliss R ENG Pieter O SA Pieter P SA Piggott Q ENG R P ENG R P USA R Q ENG R R ENG R S ENG R S USA R. P ENG R. Q ENG R. R WLS R. R ENG R. S ENG R.W S ENG Race P ENG Race Q ENG Ralph Q ENG Randal S USA Randal T USA Ray S USA Ray T USA Raymond R ENG Raymond R WLS Rebecca Q ENG Rebecca Q USA Rebecca B. Q ENG Reginald R ENG Reko R ENG Renis S USA Rignold Q AUS Robert Q USA Robert T ENG Robinson Q ENG Ronald S AUS Rose P ENG Rose Q AUS Rose Q ENG Rose R Rose R USA Rose R ENG Rose R AUS Rose S Rose S ENG Rose S USA Rosebud S USA Ruby R ENG Rubyn Q IND Rudolph O SA Ruth R ENG S O USA S Q ENG S S ENG S S IND S. Q ENG S. Q USA S. R ENG S. S ENG S. S WLS S.J. S ENG Samuel P ENG Samuel Q ENG Sarah P ENG Schalk T SA Selina Q ENG Sibella N SA Sibley O ENG Simcoe R ENG Sinclair Q AUS Smith O ENG Smith P ENG Sophia N SA Sophia P PRU Sophia Q USA Sophia H N SA Spencer O ENG Spencer Q ENG Spencer R AUS Spencer R ENG Stanley O ENG Stanley R ENG Sue T USA Susanna M SA Susanna N SA Susanna O SA Susanna Maria Q SA Susannah P ENG Sutton O ENG T Q ENG T Q USA T S O USA T,C. R ENG T. P ENG T. Q USA T. Q ENG T. R WLS T. R ENG T. S ENG T. S WLS T.C S ENG T.E. Q ENG T.J. S ENG T.O S ENG Terence S WLS Teresa S Teresa S AUS Terrence S Terrence S AUS Thereze N FRA Thomas N ENG Thomas P ENG Thomas Q ENG Thomas R WLS Thomas R ENG Thomas T USA Thomas E. Q ENG Thural T USA Todd T USA Tomaso M SWI Tomaso O SWI Underwood R ENG V P USA V R ENG V R USA V S ENG V. Q ENG V. R ENG V. S ENG V.J. R ENG Valentine P ENG Valentine Q ENG Valerie R AUS Vere R USA Verza P ENG Vessie R USA Victor Q ENG Victor R ENG Victor J. R ENG Vincent R AUS Vincent R ENG Violet R ENG Virgene S USA Vitaline P CAN W Q ENG W R AUS W R ENG W S ENG W S WLS W. O USA W. Q ENG W. R ENG W. S ENG W.C. Q ENG W.H. R ENG W.H. S ENG W.J.O. S ENG W.W. R ENG Walker O AUS Walker Q USA Wallace R USA Walter Q ENG Walter R AUS Walter R ENG Walter R Wayne Q USA Wayne S USA Wayne T USA Welford R ENG Wells R ENG Wesley Q USA Wesley S USA Whitney P ENG Wilfred R ENG Wilhelm K GER Wilhelmina P SA Willem J SA Willem K SA Willem L SA Willem N SA Willem O SA Willem P SA Willem Q SA Willem T SA Willem Anthonie N SA Willem Bester R SA Willem Bester T SA Willem Bester U SA Willem J N SA Willem Jacobus N SA Willem Jacobus O SA Willem Jacobus P SA Willem Johannes N SA William P ENG William Q William Q ENG William R AUS William R ENG William S William S ENG William H. R ENG William John S ENG William Rainbow Q ENG Wilson O ENG Wilson Q AUS Wilson R AUS Winifred R ENG Woofter R USA Z. R ENG

28 April 2000